Monday, July 11, 2011

Your topic is Paleo Diet- GO!

Have you heard of it? Is is just a trend?

It's like the Zone Diet for Vegans who really miss meat. Like me. No grains, legumes, dairy (except butter) and no sugar- "basically if you can hunt it down or knock it off a tree or bush", said the startlingly beautiful, trim, but buxom, blond who I want to look just like. Ok tell me how you eat, lady!!

Not that my primary concern is image related, I am really more interested in being healthy and enjoying eating. I lost 45 pounds by eating Vegan, mostly raw foods, and NO FAT. I felt fine, I found things I super enjoyed (my salad making skills are to be envied- go ahead envy them!) But I did feel deprived... and often unprepared to eat the foods I felt I should be eating. 

So today at a homeschool park day I chatted with some perfectly pleasant and down to earth women (literally since we sat on the grass!) and my spirit was refreshed. These very real, genuine, lovely and down to earth mamas were sharing with me about the Paleo Diet, among other things involving the care and feeding of ourselves and our offspring, and my interest is piqued... but at the same time tonight for dinner I had no idea what to feed my kids. So they ended up with green beans and Chef Boyardee lasagna because I spent a little too much time researching this Caveman Diet.

Google it. You know you want to. And since I have to turn my attention to the three delightful children squealing deliriously as daddy does the dishes, will you please let me know what you find?

Happy Monday!


  1. I'm with Mel. lol I don't do diets but I love researching them. I try out lifestyles. I've tried being vegetarian, being vegan and doing the Caveman paleo thing. Seems like the hot new trend right now. I always come back to center and each new lifestyle seems to add either a bit of awareness or confusion to my regular eating strategy.

  2. Very wise observation, Suzanne! That seems to be my unintentional method as well...

    Mel, your eating choices seem to work great for you- you don't seem to obsess on food, now that is something I would love to learn!

  3. Wow Tiffany thanks for the kind words...I'm blushing :) For me and my family, and most others who enjoy a paleo lifestyle, it doesn't feel like a diet because we love all the foods we can eat! And for me, it's not about deprivation or foods I "can't" have, it's about eating foods that make me feel good inside and out. All those foods happen to be on the paleo "diet" list. I think most people who successfully make the switch to paleo don't see it as a trend, but rather a necessity because all other dietary avenues were not working, whether it was for weight loss reasons or medical necessity. I have a little blog going at and if you're wanting to try paleo, a great family-friendly book and site are Everyday Paleo ( by Sarah Fragoso. I have tons of other resources so let me know if you want to pick my brain :)


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