Saturday, July 9, 2011

What's on my mind...

So I have recently discovered baby cucumbers, slice them, sprinkle them with pepper and dip in soy/ wasabi sauce... so very delicious. Eating healthy sometimes means staying simple- today's lunch:, sliced snacking cucumbers, carrot sticks, apple wedges, a spoonful of peanut butter- AND a handful of Popchips, YUM!

Also, did you know- short hair is perfect for little girls in the summer- I am currently pondering if it good for mama, too? Speaking of mamas- the coolest site I wish I had more time for is, so much stuff, so little time to photograph it... but so much waiting to be swapped for!

My recent yoga practice has expanded to include mudras- such a simple and effective way of coping with my first world problems. Also called hand postures, these surprisingly effective "exercises" are amazing, and if you would like to learn more about how you too can benefit from having your hands connect you to more than just the things they touch, you know what to do on the string of letters & numbers that follow this run on sentence

Today I did one of my favorites mudras while watching the girls play at a local splash pad- Sigler Park.

Another sure fire cure for the doldrums of child rearing, take one of them out- just one (in our case the oldest) to a good movie- or a decent movie, anyway. Discount theaters are great- for less than the price of one ticket at a regular cinema, we all got to visit our beloved friend, Jack Sparrow. We (along with a packed theater of other budget minded Pirate lovers) were well entertained by vampire mermaids, softhearted scallywags and men of action clashing with passionate people of faith and fascinating figures of patrimony. For the fourth in a franchise this sequel didn't disappoint- but merely met muster.

PS Need a little boost in the bedroom? I recently read that moms who read romance novels feel sexier and have more satisfying sex... this made me think of this fabulous concept, it is such a fun idea!

Now off to explore Google+ my high school buddy hooked me up and I am feeling like I won the lottery, well at least like I won another ticket with a $3 scratcher! Happy Saturday.

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  1. I loved reading this post. It was interesting and I might go and get a romance novel to see if it makes me feel better.


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