Friday, June 24, 2011

Settling in, belonging

Homeschool support groups are so amazing!

They welcome you in, "Like" you, share their lives, beliefs, kittens, birthdays, food, homes, businesses, sweaters, experiences and sunny days. Since our move we have been to several new park days- we have made new friends, and met people we have "Like"d for years.

G-pie has made new friends: sweet, generous, accepting girls- who "appreciate" that she has changed her name recently! They have so heartily welcomed and included her, quickly and with a curious and genuine nature. C-dough and J-cakes have initially stayed close at the 4 new parks we have visited over the last couple of weeks- but have confidently ventured off in search of events as they sensed the comfort mama felt among like minded families and inviting environments.

Belonging is not the same as "fitting in"- we belong here, no need to try and fit in.
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