Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wipers work for both!

Sometimes you're the windshield, sometimes you're the bug. Today I was splattered out all over the clear glass, still clinging for life as the winds whipped past. Life with small children is very nerve wracking for those of you who are beyond the blessed cycle of foggy brained forgetfulness that comes with bearing children.

"Human Jungle Gym" was my alter ego today while I tried to attend to the needs of my body and mind with some gentle style yoga ala the peaceful Laura Jane, who teaches far more than yoga to the mamas who want to practice radiantly living. Finally as C-dough whimpered and pulled at my shirt, I gave up and attended to the needs of my littles instead and took my yoga to go.

While trying to accept some sage and sassy advice having to do with a dark lord and the end of the world (not really, but if you insist I will tell you- it was... are you ready?

"don't compare your insides to their outsides..." anyway the wiggly worms decided my clothing (and Laura Jane's dining area) needed some post modern hummus splatter and a collection of carrots in the corner...

Upon arriving back at the castle of chaos, ahem calmness (I am learning to reframe my reality) my attention was undivided-ly given to Sugar Daddy who regaled me with tales of high adventures and dubious doctors. By the time C-dough awoke I was daydreaming about Calgon (or some cowboy) taking me away!!

So I whipped out my yoga mat, and I breathed in and I aligned and I posed and I breathed out and I planted and I balanced and paused at the top of the breath to feel the arch in my cat and at the bottom of it to let out my cow. Then I wondered if I had my breathing backwards- but I noticed that I (and my body) remembered more than last time I tried to do the practices at home. I was given a great image to work with- the windshield wipers wiping my mind.

So I will start tomorrow with a clean windshield, so at least if I am the bug I'll be able to see the happy family in the minivan clearly.

Day 10 of the no 'poo experiment- not liking the feeling of my hair, it isn't so much an itchiness or dirty feeling, just a general fuzziness. Thinking of trying an Apple Cider Vinegar rinse or perhaps doing more of the conditioner thing... (I have been using a little on the ends for smell and control) - BUT dreads are being seriously considered... and lots of cool hair wraps... and beads... and feathers! I'd look like a cool "Captain-ess Jack" - oops almost put the "ess" on the other word =)

Meditating Parent Project Update
For 4 out of 5 days I meditated specifically on listening to my inner voice for parenting, and voices around me have often brought out things I needed to consider. I had a productive discussion with Sugar Daddy on a specific difference of parental opinion- and I am eager to read, discuss and further enlighten myself as we both examine our conscious thought process. Wow that's wordy, huh?

What transformations are happening in your life, I would love to know that I am not alone in facing my imperfections and improving my fates!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tiggerific Tuesdays!!

Consider yourself pounced upon!!
Magical Mouse Schoolhouse

Day 4 of the Meditation/ Parenting connection experiment. Didn't meditate Day 3. It was apparent, I was short tempered and caught up in aches and pains and third world problems.

Day 9 of the no 'poo process. Last night as I combed my messy tresses, I considered my impact upon people who are meeting me for the first time (and these occasions abound this week- Star Children, Unity Next Generation, Homeschool Community at large)- my hair is a sorry sight, but I really believe in this and if not now, WHEN?

Truly it is just another cause for creativity. Although it cracks me up- the rooster feathers in my hair. It's like putting a vase of roses on a counter filled with dirty dishes! But I will find a way to make it work, I will wear a style that supports who I am and how I show up in the world- dirty haired trend follower that I am.

So bounce on over to some of the other blog hoppers- check out the current list here

What blog rings do you follow?

Monday, July 25, 2011

Food, glorious food! My Top 10 Thoughts on Eating

As of late, several dear women have sought my input on eating Vegan. Of course, I am far from an expert- I fall off the veggie wagon all the time (I especially regret when I land in a bag of Hershey's kisses!), but I can offer a few tried and true tips and tactics.

As Nature Intended- but bite size!
Sometimes simplest is best- fruit and veggies can be eaten plain- slice up a cucumber and dip it in soy/wasabi sauce, peel a carrot and keep using the peeler on it to create ribbons which are fun to snack on or throw in salads, pull out that Apple Peeler Corer Slicer you bought at the Pampered Chef party I made you go to years ago and use the darn thing- the peels mix in great with those carrot ribbons and a handful of raisins! (contact my friend, Jennifer if you need one of those nifty devices-

Grow a little herb by the kitchen sink.
My garden usually contains, thyme, mint, basil, chives, tarragon, oregano and lots of interesting tomatoes and peppers (currently we have heirloom pinneapple cherry tomatoes and in the past we have enjoyed chocolate bell peppers). I find that keeping a small pot in the kitchen with my current favorite- you can get them at most grocery stores these days - helps remind me to use it, and the others! Then it goes into the garden or sometimes it just gets used up!

Follow flavor favorites
My tastes tend to vary a lot, but I find that I go through phases of favorite flavors- and it works for me to go ahead and eat it up! For example, I am totally into Spike right now- so I am trying it on everything! And if you are craving something- figure out which flavor you really want and try to create that, for example if I want a cheeseburger, I grill up a slice of squash, sprinkle it with Spike and sesame seeds, add avocado, lettuce, tomato, pickles, mustard and onions wrap all that in a freshly warmed corn tortilla- not the same but oh so reminiscent!

Enjoy eating
Gather your family together at the table and pay attention to your presentation. You don't have to be fancy- one of my favorite ways to find a little festivity is to make it Mediterranean style platter with assorted veggies, olives, etc. I add some crackers, cheese and salami for the family- and a bowl of berries or sliced apples. We all gather round and chit chat like we are mingling at a party! Finger foods, family style, fast cleanup!

Leave off labelling yourself
Recently I have toyed with being Vegan, Vegetarian, Lacto-Vegetarian, Ovo-Vegetarian, Lacto-Ovo-Vegetarian, Paleo and Gluten Free. While researching and trying the recipes I found (here are some links I enjoy www.vegweb.com I realized that focusing on the vegetables satisfies almost ALL the eating styles out there- whether you choose wheat (vegan) or meat (paleo) I find that fruits make a great dessert, avocado is a sensational treat, and we should really avoid or limit eggs, dairy and processed anything.

Photo your food
This is a tactic that is a little silly, but if you have the ability to brag and show off what you are eating, it motivates you! I share with Facebook, post on my blog and have also played with other photos sites like and This also helps me remember that garnishes aren't just purty they usually enhance the flavor greatly, and I always want to add something special when my food is about to have it's picture took!

Break with Tradition
Broccoli for breakfast? Beautiful! Frozen treats for dinner? Fine! Liquid only lunches? Lovely! not the kind you shake not stir and garnish with 3 olives, ladies).

Find a fork you like
Another odd habit I have that I find makes me want to eat salad and other forkables- I really like this one particular fork I have. It doesn't match my flatware set, I don't even know where it came from, but it feels great in my hand, it provides perfect size bits and it looks great in my salad bowl!

Be an Iron Chef
When things get a little boring, send your hubby to the store and ask him to get all the things that he can remember you usually use, as well as anything he things you should try. Then go in the kitchen and see what you can make using 2 or 3 of the ingredients he brings home as the center of your meals.

Recipes are great and I would be happy to share some of my favorites, (I have them all over the place, but someday I will collect them into one central accessible e-location!) but being creative and cooking contentedly or preparing peacefully- these are the things that make all the difference in following a satisfying, healthy and stress free menu plan (oh I don't plan my menu, anymore, ever! It is too rigid and my choices are already so limited I hate being told what I am supposed to eat- even if it is by my past self who made a perfect plan!)

One more thing- do yoga. Yes, yoga. You will see what I mean.

PS Beets. Learn to love them.

This post linked to for Top Ten {Tuesday}
(I know I wrote it on Monday, but it was really late, and besides I didn't know about Top 10 Tuesdays until today which is Tuesday so this is an after the fact, edited in link...)

crossroads for this mystic

Day 7 of my no'poo attempt, day 2 of my commitment to meditation.

Wow the spirit really moves when you just get out of the way and let it.

My life is never dull (although my hair is right now)! I have been in negotiations with a local school of metaphysical teachings that could provide a new location for a little part of the S.C.H.O.O.L. I started building last spring.

On the flipside, the opportunities involved with the School of Multidimensional Healing Arts and Sciences have their own merit. Perhaps the living of a dream. To be involved in the ascension of the spirit, to connect others who can help each other. Establishing an educational option that is unique and cohesive yet rare and inclusive.

At Unity of Tustin I have found a sacred space. It calls to me, I am compelled to seek my future at this place.

This week includes many opportunities to experience spirit and engage in service to the greater good. I eagerly await the aha moments and synchronicities that will no doubt occur. From the Star Children meeting to the Next Generation Unity Visioning- I see so much potential.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Meditation experiment- day one.

Ok so I must be frank with you gentle readers. Today began my journey into how meditation helps parenting. I have made a solemn vow to meditate at least 5 minutes a day, for the duration of my attention span for this experiment.

Today went beautifully, a cartoon morning with lots of amusing moments resulting from a lack of coffee and breakfast supplies. Then an afternoon of homesteading- hubby gathering provisions with 2/3 of the sweeties and I with the napping dough boy, catching up on the dishes that have been accumulating since Monday. Seriously.

A simple dinner of tuna fish and strawberry balsamic salad (made balsamic glazed sunflower seeds for the salad- yummy) and then Frisbee in the backyard.

The littles fell asleep, astonishingly easy. Hubby and I both had a nice "feet up the wall" meditation, and a prophetic Angel Card reading.

Then I ask Sugar Daddy offers to rub my back- after all the dish doing I did.  Thirty seconds later, I realize I am already pretty melted. All those pesky tension inducers had been smoothed away and I felt in touch with myself and my deepest desires... suddenly this stress relieving massage turns sensual.

...well if day one is any indicator... meditation will improve my love life at least! Being comfortable in my own skin sure does make that skin comfy.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Living the Life

Do you love the sounds a guitar string makes when it is perfectly plucked?

Do you like the feel of warm sand between your toes and a baby boy cuddled up sleeping on the towel next to you?

How do you feel about carne asada tacos, perfectly marinated, with cilantro, fresh corn tortillas, diced tomatoes and super spicy salsa?

How would you like to hear a tiny three your old voice, say "You're the best mama ever" as you carry her down to the waves for a splash in the cool Pacific waters?

If this sounds like a nice day- you'd like my life then. I do most days, too.

Notes to self:

  • Three hours is not enough time to run 3 errands in the OC on a sunny Friday afternoon- and Wal*Mart's garden center is apparently where everyone is headed to!
  • Salt Creek Beach has a lovely spot for weddings- the floors of the bathroom are, however, pretty gross... (barefootOCmama will not leave her flip flops behind next time she rushes off to take J-cakes to the potty)- but we should go to the beach more, it really is worth the work.
  • Northgate Market has marinated, ready-to-grill carne asada- and it is delicious.
  • My middle neice is 11 now. Time it does fly... take time to watch, even the flights of fancy.
  • Ask Sugar Daddy to play guitar more often.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Live from the Apple store

So G-pie is having a great time playing with an iPad making a movie at Apple Camp- a free and FUN experience for us both.

Took some photos with my phone, which my lovely Incredible automatically uploaded to my Google+ page... Now the challenge is how to get them inserted here. Seriously do this many people want to buy a Mac today?

There are like 40 adults, 20 kids and- I am not exaggerating- 35 employees. But the guy next to me has now been waiting for almost 17 minutes, he is not playing with the very cool device he is presumably here to purchase... Merely impatiently leaning against the counter, gasp! with his back to the iPad!

Help has arrived, and now she has scurried off after mumbled apologies for the wait and he leans again- arms crossed this time. She is back and he purchases his $9 accessory... Was it worth the wait?

Now back to my photo retrieval ...
Making movies, making friends!

If you are interested in Apple's free summer "camps" be warned, they fill up fast- 
and it is not a drop off thing, they expect parents to stay in the store.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Social Circles

So the whole Facebook vs Google+ debate is in full scale heightened media frenzy- and they are neck&neck in shamelessly promoting- each other!

So here goes, randomly jumping betwixt the two, here's what I see...

On Facebook we are either Friends or not. And you have to accept my request to confirm that relationship.

With Google+ I can add people to circles and they don't have to add me back- I have created circles like "random", "Flavor of the Minute", "Inner Circle", "Music Appreciators", "My Main Mamas", "PCA's" etc... this way I can easily share the stuff that is effortlessly (automatically) uploaded from my Android device, like photos & videos. (*Pop Culture Addicts)

On Facebook I can  update my status, upload photos, share links, videos (after a lengthy upload) and categorize my Friends, as well as comment on their status updates, see their latest pics and invite them to Events.

With Google+, sharing what's new... photos... links I like... and even my location is highly selective, enabling me to quickly share with my Inner Circle anytime the baby does something cute. While just as superfast-ly I can share something with the Public from my (Google) Docs, Calendar, Reader or searches. Or I can share pretty much anything with people who choose to still use that old fashioned communication method, (e-mail) -once they are in a Circle they are included where they Google+ or not- very cool!)

On Facebook I Like things- witty quips, funny photos & fascinating facts. I can also Like businesses and blogs and bands and other such organizations. Then they will Feed me with their Most Recent News.

With Google+ there is some sort of score being kept, and I get to add a +1 whenever something strikes my fancy [insert Vegas slot machine noises here]. A Stream of information appears from all my Circles or just the ones I click on. And in place of a bunch of awkward apps are some Sparks- information about my interests!

On Facebook... is where my Friends are, so there I shall stay. But every day my Circles grow!

With Google+, you should be. (Yoda says so apparently.)

Friday, July 15, 2011

Tonight's post is brought to you from... bed, where I must rest my weary self. Happy Friday, be well and sleep peacefully.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

I'm IN!

Google Plus.

Who's in, who wants in, who cares?

Me! I must admit I find it thrilling to be in so early, but it feels a bit like Facebook did for the first 3-4 months when I joined, a year after it opened up for anyone with an email address. We all sorta saw something, but wondered what the heck the point was... and then there was a shift and suddenly I was addicted. What happened?

People I sorta new in real life became my Friends and suddenly I felt more connected to the social tapestry. Old high school buddies are certainly fun to reconnect with, but the magic of Facebook is it's ability to infiltrate actual, current social networks- their events, photos and thoughts are broadcast for all to see... and the rest of their world, too!

Google+ allows more control over what you broadcast to the world, allowing you to quickly and easily choose who sees, knows (and can comment on) what!

Plus it automatically loads my photos taken with my Android- now that is COOL!!! Now I am wondering if the calendar integrates easily for events to be shared, now that would be uber-fantastic!

So I guess I wait for everyone to come on over to Google+.

Will it eventually replace Facebook?

Or will I just be twice as distracted now?

The click and drag features are smooth. Nice.

What do you think of Google+, had you heard of it? Will (or have) you join(ed)?

Can anyone and everyone get in now?

Women are Fabulous Creatures

Tonight I wanted to blog about something deep and mystic, something that would make you, my appreciated readers, think and wow and connect to me. But as I tried to narrow down the anecdotes from the day and glean the lesson learned from my travels- I kept thinking about these amazing souls I had connected with throughout my very long day

It all began with yoga- and I truly believe that is why it ends with blissful recollection.

A yogi (or is it yogini?) who pulls together friends and other ya-ya's to transcend time and space for 60-75 minutes weekly, whilst children scuttle in and out and slam doors at precisely the right moment to call your attention to the pain in your shin that says adjust, wise yogi, adjust that posture- and her calm voice validates that decision, intoning peace, a sacred space within a happy home.

The bloggy buddy D, who offers essential adjustment advice in the arrow pose and shares of herself and her struggles openly and honestly- a mom with small children who took the time to make a feast for the potluck, and breathed through her practice in a way that was musical and whimsical.

Musical mama, M, proud parent of a particularly gifted girl who inspired my own with song. G-pie kept humming a tune I didn't recognize, come to find out it is an original song, by my 9 year old's almost birthday twin.

Mother of 4, wholehearted and fully living- all hail K! for she is my hero, (not to be confused with the man in black who said "Flush me, J" - rent it. Will Smith is cool.) anyway, she seems to be fully invested, well balanced and openly accepting of any adventure that arrives- including fondue. So freaking cool!

Then there is E, who fascinates me- she is what I fancy myself to be: vivacious, witty, flirty and fun. She makes me want to laugh and linger- while she liltingly tells her tales- listening to her adventures and marveling at her lust for life.

Then this evening, H, who hosted humbly, my oh so honest friend who attributes her attitude to her Aspergers, but I admire as an old fashioned heart of gold. The guests at the gathering go a long way to show how her first year in the homeschool world have blessed us and brought us together.

A bosom best buddy who has been like a ship passing in the night as we have both experienced so many similar experiences in marriage, parenting, spiritual seeking, moving and making new friends... kittens, preschoolers... husbands on unemployment... LOL.

Then there is C: witty, wordy, wonderful and wise... the mother of the great instigator, the first domino to fall in the Warriors windstorm. Such a warm and whimsical woman, faithful, forthcoming and full of fun!

But then the journey asserts itself and I, counting to 143, while my struggling son surrenders into sweet slumber, marvel at the marvelous mamas I shared air with today. I am one lucky lady- look at all these loving, intelligent, assertive, imaginative, creative, sexy, gorgeous, generous, accepting and absolutely admirable mamas.

Am I really counted amongst their numbers, are these fabulous creatures my peers? Yes, yes they are.

Oh, there you are Perry.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Your topic is Paleo Diet- GO!

Have you heard of it? Is is just a trend?

It's like the Zone Diet for Vegans who really miss meat. Like me. No grains, legumes, dairy (except butter) and no sugar- "basically if you can hunt it down or knock it off a tree or bush", said the startlingly beautiful, trim, but buxom, blond who I want to look just like. Ok tell me how you eat, lady!!

Not that my primary concern is image related, I am really more interested in being healthy and enjoying eating. I lost 45 pounds by eating Vegan, mostly raw foods, and NO FAT. I felt fine, I found things I super enjoyed (my salad making skills are to be envied- go ahead envy them!) But I did feel deprived... and often unprepared to eat the foods I felt I should be eating. 

So today at a homeschool park day I chatted with some perfectly pleasant and down to earth women (literally since we sat on the grass!) and my spirit was refreshed. These very real, genuine, lovely and down to earth mamas were sharing with me about the Paleo Diet, among other things involving the care and feeding of ourselves and our offspring, and my interest is piqued... but at the same time tonight for dinner I had no idea what to feed my kids. So they ended up with green beans and Chef Boyardee lasagna because I spent a little too much time researching this Caveman Diet.

Google it. You know you want to. And since I have to turn my attention to the three delightful children squealing deliriously as daddy does the dishes, will you please let me know what you find?

Happy Monday!


"...whatever is true, whatever is worthy of respect, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if something is excellent or praiseworthy, think about these things." Philippians 4:8

The power of positive thinking... "the Secret"... the Pollyana principle... new age philosophy... call it whatever you will, it means that humans NEED to see something beyond the (largely physical) first world problems that occupy our conscious minds.

When I was a Bible banger, Philippians was my favorite book of the new testament. Short, to the point, personal and REAL- Peter's letter even addressed an agelessly common problem, by calling out Euodia & Syntyche to agree with each other in the Lord.


Why can't we all just get along? (Did you know that is not the actual Rodney King quote- just a Mean Girls interpretation?) What is it that causes us to personally battle each other on things that are not true, worthy of respect, just, pure, lovely.... blah, blah, blah- YKWIM, right? 

The funny part is we all feel that way.

We don't want to disagree, we don't really think that our point of view is untrue, unworthy of respect, unjust, impure, unlovely- but we just can't see past our own shame, fear or pride to connect with the other woman's sense of self. Our own sense of self inflates our image, incites our ego and evokes impressive excuses as to why our POV is more rational, more excellent or more praiseworthy.

Today I visited a Christian based religious organization... yesterday I was entranced by a pagan homeschooling mama blog- can I even reconcile my own life with my belief system? Do I make any sense at all, if taken in my entirety or am I just a paradox of peculiar interests and interesting peculiarities? 

Well, whatever... is true.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

What's on my mind...

So I have recently discovered baby cucumbers, slice them, sprinkle them with pepper and dip in soy/ wasabi sauce... so very delicious. Eating healthy sometimes means staying simple- today's lunch:, sliced snacking cucumbers, carrot sticks, apple wedges, a spoonful of peanut butter- AND a handful of Popchips, YUM!

Also, did you know- short hair is perfect for little girls in the summer- I am currently pondering if it good for mama, too? Speaking of mamas- the coolest site I wish I had more time for is, so much stuff, so little time to photograph it... but so much waiting to be swapped for!

My recent yoga practice has expanded to include mudras- such a simple and effective way of coping with my first world problems. Also called hand postures, these surprisingly effective "exercises" are amazing, and if you would like to learn more about how you too can benefit from having your hands connect you to more than just the things they touch, you know what to do on the string of letters & numbers that follow this run on sentence

Today I did one of my favorites mudras while watching the girls play at a local splash pad- Sigler Park.

Another sure fire cure for the doldrums of child rearing, take one of them out- just one (in our case the oldest) to a good movie- or a decent movie, anyway. Discount theaters are great- for less than the price of one ticket at a regular cinema, we all got to visit our beloved friend, Jack Sparrow. We (along with a packed theater of other budget minded Pirate lovers) were well entertained by vampire mermaids, softhearted scallywags and men of action clashing with passionate people of faith and fascinating figures of patrimony. For the fourth in a franchise this sequel didn't disappoint- but merely met muster.

PS Need a little boost in the bedroom? I recently read that moms who read romance novels feel sexier and have more satisfying sex... this made me think of this fabulous concept, it is such a fun idea!

Now off to explore Google+ my high school buddy hooked me up and I am feeling like I won the lottery, well at least like I won another ticket with a $3 scratcher! Happy Saturday.
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