Thursday, September 17, 2009

Self Expression Springboards

Again a blog prompt found on Jamie Ridler Studios... although it hails from yet another blog.
The delightful Danette Relic, whom I interviewed for this week’s podcast, is launching a totally fun and inspiring weekly creative prompt activity: Self-Expression Springboards. Each week she will share a creative catalyst to inspire you. As Danette so beautifully puts it, “You are a work of art with infinite facets and only you can reveal them to the world.”
This week she invites us to share that song, that song that represents us at our most powerful, our amazing rock star selves. The song that would play as we make our big entrance.
 Since I just love "Mr A-Z" for his amazing way with words and humble spirit I am choosing this one today (below), although "Where is the Love" by BEP is almost an equal choice, and then of course there is another Geek in the Pink favorite, Jason Mraz's Life is Wonderful. And so many more, music is such magic. (If you are reading this at my blog you will see the embedded video below- if you are reading the facebook note, you won't!)

No time for sharing the mental meanderings of my meager mind... Happy Thursday!

1 comment:

  1. A way with words indeed! And that humble spirit effortlessly bopping along over the guitar riffs. What a smooth and sunny entrance song.

    I hope you hear it all day long as you walk. :)


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