Saturday, November 26, 2011

Cooking with kids.

IMAG2619 by barefootin
J-cakes is almost 4, and so helpful in the kitchen. She pulled leaves off a cabbage head, she skinned a carrot, she peeled garlic, she took scraps to the worm bin, she scooped and scraped when I needed an extra hand.

We made Curry Crockpot Cabbage Rolls, and her big sister gobbled it down- but her tiny toddler appetite appeared again tonight.

Just goes to show you can lead child to vegetables, but you can't make them eat.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Art Studio

My new passion is our developing "Art Studio"- all my sweeties love to create, and having a place that allows some room for exploration, plus space to hang out together for inspiration and collaboration! I've been spurred on by so many great rooms while being incredibly productive Pinterest... you really should not click this link if you value your time on the internet, but if you are already a Pinner, well then don't forget to open the link in a new tab so you'll find your way back here to finish my fascinating blog post.

We made Koolaid Playdoh recently, and it has been a popular little brother occupier, while I continue to sort and organize and the girls paint, cut, glue, glitter, bead & feather. G-pie has drawn many a cat picture and once C-dough had cut all the playdoh in little tiny pieces with his little Mickey Mouse knife, he learned to sponge paint, hold scissors (he is definitely a lefty)- oh yeah... and pour rubber cement out all over his sister's bedroom floor (one of the major factors in the rush job on the Art Studio, by dear sweet Sugar Daddy on Wednesday night)!

Last night we fit in a little family style creativity before bedtime with a really fun game, it was surprisingly easy and the 6 resulting pictures were funny - one actually turned out pretty good!

There are so many studies on the benefits of art, I am blessed to have a family who is so talented and encourages me, the wordy one, to use more imagery and imagination when creating. We are lucky to have space dedicated to the messy business of creating.

And speaking of the messy business of creating, tomorrow I have an ultrasound scheduled, so the girls are doing an etching project discovered in the California Studies Weekly newsletter that we have been reading this year- it is fun, with crossword, trivia and interesting information delivered in a colorful, easy to digest format (and the state standards are covered for those using a charter school). Pics will be posted on Google+ and facebook soon...
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