Friday, February 4, 2011

The realization of a dream

For several years now I have wanted to recreate the place Grace took classes- only better and in my own backyard. Yesterday I was there, hanging out, meeting interesting, accomplish people- connecting with amazing moms, observing excellent kids, and watching my husband inspire little artists.

Other mothers have supported me, my family has gotten by without me through countless meetings- I totally quit doing yoga for the past month- ack! But my "baby" is born and today I saw this review on our website-

"I'm impressed. I think it is a wonderful new addition to the homeschooling community and really appreciate the location and care and compassion of the owners."

It is so exciting to be a part of education reinvention- we have so many exciting activities to enjoy, so many wonderful instructors to share their talents and such an array of bright and colorful kids to fill up the canvas of our masterpiece. A learning center where every child is welcomed and walked alongside on their path of discovery. A community where parents can come and share part of their day in a comfortable setting with others who are like-minded and eagerly engaged in similar pursuits.

My job is to warmly facilitate this- it truly is my pleasure. Enchanting to meet you.

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