Sunday, September 27, 2009

Cheese Please

When my hubby and I first got married, we loved having other couples over for dinner. I fancied myself a good cook, after summers spent with my grandmother learning the craft. Sometimes my brialliance shone, other times people were polite. Like the Sesame Turkey Ham incident.

But a favorite that I hit upon early which always pleased my husband (and even his funny friend who had to endure the Sesame Turkey Ham) was Cheesy Chili & Chicken Cornbread Casserole. Nearly 13 years later as fall starts to come on, the darling man starts asking for this hearty, heavy, heavenly hash.

2 packages refrigerated corn bread dough (it comes perforated to make cornbread sticks)
1 can Stag Chicken Chili
1 can Stag Green Pepper Chili
2 cups Colby Jack, Shredded
1 can Swanson Chicken Breast

In a round casserole dish (I use Pampered Chef's deep dish baker) arrange most of one package of cornbread strips to cover the bottom, pressing seams together. Bake at 350 for 14-16 minutes, until just done. Meanwhile warm the cans of chili together in a saucepan. Sprinkle half a cup or so of the shredded cheese over cornbread, pour half the chili over that and then crumble the chicken meat on top of the chili.

Cover the chicken with about half a cup more of the shredded cheese and pour the rest of the chili over that, then- you guessed it- more shredded cheese! Use the second package of cornbread strips to create a latticed top. Bake 25- 30 minutes more. Serve with sour cream, diced onions and extra cheese.

That's the cheesiest post I could come up with.

Prompted by Sunday Scribblings, topic today: "Cheese".
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Thursday, September 24, 2009

To my dear friend...

I have not forsaken you. It may seem that we are like ships that pass in the night, and I rarely stay as long as I like when I do come to see you, often falling asleep the moment I arrive. I heap chores on you, my children climb all over you and bounce uncontrollably sometimes.

When you first came into my life, I was so grateful- you made me so comfortable, you opened yourself to my family and welcomed each addition. You were there when our second daughter decided she was ready to come out and greet the world (actually you were a big part of she and the new baby's conception), you have cradled me in sickness, snuggled me when I was sad- caught my tears and muffled my laughter.

I vow to visit you more, my dear bed, and I will try to keep the children from jumping.

[my creative catalyst for this short & sweet snippet was offered by Danette's Self Expression Springboard and if you like Haiku (like I do) you must also see Reality Insanity]

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wishcasting Wednesday: Luxury

Life's little luxuries have eluded me lately. Our budget is tight, and there is always too much month at the end of our money. So my mind dances around, daring to dream, hastily hoping. A luxurious longing... hmm?

Sleep is a luxury these days... lingering over dinner with daddy, uninterrupted showers, crocheting, crafting, Starbucks, chatting with friends- the simple details I used to take for granted.

But I want to wish wonderfully- so I stretch myself and really let the luxuriousness envelope me. I imagine feeling indulged, like a child getting their dearest desire...

I wish for a vacation.

Not a "staycation"- something stimulating, somewhere wonderful, with all my little someones, and some serious soul searching.

My wishing well is full, and I wish you well!

Web definitions for luxury

something that is an indulgence rather than a necessity

{Today's post prompt provided by Jamie Ridler Studios}

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday Scribblings


I hunger for focus. I have always been filled with ideas, inspiration, start-ups, springboards- I am a beginner. I love the fresh sparks of something I have imagined can be. It thrills me to plan, propose my intent, fill pages with lists and snippets about the fabulous and original concept I have created.

Then the real work begins.

Something stalls me. Real life gets in the way and I find myself losing a grip on my purpose. It slips through my fingers like sands in the hourglass.

It's like being hungry and imagining a gourmet meal and what it will be like when I eat- the table setting, the mood lighting, the company I will have, the music that will play. I write the menu and the grocery list, I compare recipes, I tell all my friends and family about it. Then I start to have analysis paralysis as I try to choose a cuisine. I hop around, trying to adjust the setting, the lighting, and guest list- and I wear myself out.

Then on the way to the store, I am so hungry I swing through the drive-thru and pick up a cheeseburger with fries- because I simply must eat! All my visions fade as the kids clamor for their "happy" meals and I lose the momentum, the dinner party is delayed- sometimes repeatedly and finally it is lost amidst the adventures of living barefoot.

I hunger for focus- a single, sensational, clarifying, clear headed path to follow on my journey.

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Friday, September 18, 2009


What is is about new things that motivate? When I get new supplies for homeschooling I suddenly have the energy to tackle projects that have been left sitting for weeks! My dd7 and I are very anxious to get our 2nd grade mural started. We are painting a small schoolhouse onto a large piece of paper that will go above the craft table in the creative area of our homeschool room (aka half of the garage!) My intention is that she will be able to decorate it and it's front porch with seasonal add-ons, and the "mailbox" out front will have her "assignments" for the day. I am also toying with the idea of a worry tree to hang our worries on when it is time to create and learn.

Well we just got the last of the supplies I ordered through our charter school and we are ready to start.What a perfect weekend for new beginnings! It is a new moon today and in addition to the schoolhouse mural I will be making my first Full Moon Dreamboard (another inspiring idea by my new online mentor-ess, Jamie Ridler) and beginning a new book with her Book Blogging Group. I will be getting the book today and blogging about it at

As I consider celebrating newness, I realize that it needn't be tied to new "things", there is always something new in the never ending natural cycle of creation and destruction. Yesterday I joined a new group of friends for a lovely autumn ritual circle. We gathered out in the wilderness (well as close as we could get- a regional park/ campgrounds!) under the old oak trees and shared music, magic and motherhood. Our children joined us, delightfully distracted by the natural urges of childhood to explore, play with friends and snack on earth's bounty. Seeds to start the new school year, planted in the seasonal cycle and already producing the blossoms of friendship.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Self Expression Springboards

Again a blog prompt found on Jamie Ridler Studios... although it hails from yet another blog.
The delightful Danette Relic, whom I interviewed for this week’s podcast, is launching a totally fun and inspiring weekly creative prompt activity: Self-Expression Springboards. Each week she will share a creative catalyst to inspire you. As Danette so beautifully puts it, “You are a work of art with infinite facets and only you can reveal them to the world.”
This week she invites us to share that song, that song that represents us at our most powerful, our amazing rock star selves. The song that would play as we make our big entrance.
 Since I just love "Mr A-Z" for his amazing way with words and humble spirit I am choosing this one today (below), although "Where is the Love" by BEP is almost an equal choice, and then of course there is another Geek in the Pink favorite, Jason Mraz's Life is Wonderful. And so many more, music is such magic. (If you are reading this at my blog you will see the embedded video below- if you are reading the facebook note, you won't!)

No time for sharing the mental meanderings of my meager mind... Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wishing well...

Anne Morrow Lindbergh: “Eternally, woman spills herself away in driblets to the thirsty, seldom being allowed the quiet, the peace, to let the pitcher fill up to the brim.”

A wise and wonderful quote I stumbled upon on Facebook yesterday. Then as I trampled around the world wide web some more I came across Jamie Ridler Studios, as if in answer to the quest to fill my pitcher. A wishing well, as it were...

Creative ideas seep from my soul, spilling over into the gutters with nowhere to go- channel those droplets and use them, I will. Words form on my keyboard, images leap from my imagination, sparks are spread and magic is forged.

On this Wishcasting Wednesday I wish to to stretch my time. Realizing the moments that exist to replenish and refresh. Separating sacred space for my soul's sensing simplicity. I CAN do "it all", I CAN reach further, I CAN go longer, I CAN give more... I CAN find the time for myself to restore and reboot.

My husband and toddler are sick today. My 7 year old just got over it, and we have a full day- meeting with our ES from the charter school (is it greed that keeps me tied to this public school? a topic to re-visit), a girl scout field trip and of course the never-ending clutter clearing, learning adventures, smudgy finger print wiping, and sustenance supplying. (Alright already with all the alliteration!)

My wishing well is full and I wish you well!
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