Wednesday, January 21, 2009

mom and toddler fitness DVD by Parents

Joy and I began what I hope will be a solid tradition this morning! After winning a bet (we settle arguments in this way -it stops the debate until the answer can be found) my hubby bought me a wonderful new fitness DVD from Target. I wanted a wii, but $12.99 vs over $400? Produced by Parents, and geared towards the whole family. Oh and in case you didn't know Obama did not choose Biden as his running mate until August!

We both enjoyed the fun flexibility, the calming core exercises, balancing & breathing- and lots of playful parenting! It is easy to stay in the moment, enjoy your little one and follow the guided movements. I can see how this will strengthen both our bond and our bodies!

It says it is for 16 months and older, but at almost 1 years old Joy was able to get into what I was doing- and her weight was easier for me to use in the resistance portions. It ended with a sweet session of cuddling and calming- a nice transition into naptime.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday's Moonlight Meditation

Current Moon Phase:
Full/Full Light

86% Illumination
Moon in Leo

Take a minute, go out and observe the moon tonight.
Breathe deeply and just let the thoughts that come ebb & flow like the tides caused by the luminous orb's endless cycles.

Concentrate on fullness- breathe fully. Fill your lungs with the night air.
Consider the fullness of your life.
Be full of Joy. Be full of Grace. Be full of love.
Be filled up by the food you have eaten.
What makes your motherhood journey full?
Please leave a comment below...

Happy Moonday.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Housewife in Hollywood's 5 on Friday

Hollywood is not behind the Orange curtain, nor is the author of this pop-culture-for-mommies blog, but we love her and her site anyway! Check out today's post if you are feeling nostagic about the 80's and looking for a movie for the weekend.

Who would have thought we'd look back fondly on a time that was filled with such horrible fashion faux pas? #1 & #3 can be shared with your kiddos (click on the numbers to follow a link to see parental advisories, if you want to be sure you agree!)

I must add my own personal favorite- a must for sick days, The Princess Bride.

Today we are off to a homeschool park day at Mile Square park - kicking off my series on the many available play days available to OC mamas who homeschool. I will be interviewing the other mothers & kids, and reviewing the parks so you can decide which park day fits your family.

Happy Friday!

PS Don't forget about TwitterMoms Virtual Wine Tasting tonight! Details here.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

San Clemente Art Gallery

Located at the end of Del Mar, this simple, unimposing art gallery is tucked in the community center across from the Library and Senior Ceneter. A selection of local exhibits highlights the community and it interests. Be sure to vote for your favorite and be prepared to examine the styles, techniques and mediums used- the entire experience will take less than 30 minutes for most.

While there be sure to visit Billy's Deli, up the road near the top of Del Mar, and take sandwiches, along with a healthy picnic basket to enjoy an alfresco lunch.
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