Friday, October 28, 2011

Our house is haunted!

The girls have spent the week sniffly and creating crafts to celebrate the spooky season- and making home made costumes...

Today these super easy, even for the tiniest tot, ghosts have been popping up all over the house.
All you need:
  • Two napkins
  • Plastic bread enclosing thingy (I compulsively save these, they make great race boats with a drop of liquid dish soap and a little engineering, but normal twist ties or a scrap of yarn would have worked great, too
  • Marker for faces
Ball up one napkin, open up the other. Put the ball in the center of the open one, wrap around to firm ghost. Twist the napkin at the "neck" and use pop on the neck band. Draw on face. These little spirits are even handy should a spill happen, amidst all the scary fun!

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