Tuesday, August 21, 2012

So much happening...

Where to begin and how to end? What to share and who to tell about?

Sugar Daddy is at the ER with our J-bug, she fell. I have been telling her for a couple weeks to STOP spinning in the living room. She probably will now... When I was 4, I fell into the corner of a TV. I can still just barely make out the scar on my forehead, about where hers will be.

This is the 3rd ER visit in 5 days. This is life with 4 kids. Well, at least, thanks to Facebook (and my constant updates to it)- my friends gave valuable feedback that resulted in a much better experience for my hubby and eldest middle girl. He took her to Millers (Long Beach Children's Memorial). I shall not bring anymore energy to the re-telling of my 8 hour ordeal with my 3 month old, M-cube, on Saturday OR the second 4 hour one on Monday.

This is hard. It sometimes totally sucks. (Love what Danielle LaPort says about a little commiseration)

Thank goodness for my Cuppow Lid. Now I can use my mason jar for all my favorite travelling beverages. Because I am always on the go and I never get enough sleep so my iced coffee cubes (original post on my inspiration from Pinterest is here) come in handy and this lid is the perfect way to keep it all contained. Now how do I keep a lid on my hot emotions?

Also been loving my coconut oil for skin that is dry from too much wetness. Does that even make sense?

Oh and we started "school" this week- our not back to school breakfast was a bit of a bust this time around, but my resourceful and smart 5th grader saved the day with a simple, no fuss alternative. Instead of building waffle houses the kids had Rice Krispies with blueberries and whipped cream.

Being a "mom" to 4 small human beings is the most challenging thing I have ever done.

The need for sanity (and yoga mom revolution yogini, Laura Jane) led me to a group on Facebook called the Abundance Game, which steered me to a fantastic little App on my Android called Wechat, and that has given  me such pleasure- being able to connect with amazing people. They have helped me see that I am stronger and more resilient every day. I am an effective leader and I inspire my children to become their most authentic selves and to love themselves and their community. I am a valuable part of my community and I enjoy close friendships with other women who are raising their children in our "tribe".

Oh yeah and did I mention I was peaceful and happy at the dentist where I had to go for a broken filling today? My dentist is the coolest, not so bad on the eyes, most patient, gentle and explanatory dental professional around. He's in Costa Mesa is you need him. Dr Eric Vanek.

Now for something totally cool. I got invited to a screening for mombloggers and am going to be joining 40 other bloggers for a PR campaign through the Circle of Moms network... It sounds totally amazing!

Being in the moment. Letting the now unfold. Focusing on the simple joys of the present draw for my attention and how to choose the actions that support peace, happiness and following our highest excitement. Recognizing that I attract my own reality.

And I'll wrap up this ramble with a little suggestion for family fun. Penny Pitching. It is such a wonderful feeling to share parts of our own childhood with our kids. This one really drew in the whole family. I snazzed it up a bit from what we did when I was a kid of course, we are homeschoolers after all!! We included tape, a ruler and several ways to "win"...

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