Saturday, October 4, 2014

Unschooling Advice

Ok kids... and adults... and humans of all kinds... people!

We all learn the same. We observe, we experiment, we reconsider, we formulate our opinions, we test our theories, we fail, we succeed, we repeat... life happens along the way.

What if the life happening part was the important stuff?

What if you took a moment to savor the peppery flavor of the perfectly cooked steak your husband prepared? What if you told him thank you, and gave him a long lingering kiss?

Can you imagine being excited about your life? Creating moments that thrill you?

Don't wait for it- make it happen. Do the things that you imagine you would like- and wait breahlessly for the reality... enjoy the messy experience of being alive... let your life happen.

Sometimes it will feel fantastic, other times a bit drastic- but my advice as a mother of four wonderful human beings (cool to be a creature that earns bragging rights just for procreating) is: jump in, bounce as high as you can and always breathe deep as you land softly, exactly where you are supposed to be.

P.S.Do things that require gloves. Be your beautiful self. Stop and greet the trees.

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