Friday, February 27, 2009


We were "just driving by" and, on the right, the corner spot of a sprawling strip mall caught my eye. Greek Town Grill...

... a charming, kid friendly (not kid focused) environment where you can relax and enjoy a freshly prepared, traditionally authentic Mediterranean meal.

Hubster got the Moussaka, while I enjoyed the Classic Gyros Sandwich and the kidkins both gobbled up the fresh hummus & pita bread before sharing our generous portions with us. We did the meal family style sharing the food and the experience together.

The natural wood tables and vibrantly colored dishes gave off a modern American-Grecian vibe - read their history here - and a central large table with benches caters to the family and friends who gather at this quaint and comfortable eatery.

Their wine list included wines from several regions in Greece and a varied selection of bottled beers. A few flat screen TV's showed the Lakers game, and G was absorbed in the action, noting that the white team were much better (Denver was leading by 14 points at the time) than the dark blue.

We will return to Greek Town Grill- I can't wait to try the Lamb Sandwich, the Spanakopita and the Beeftekia.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Shipley Nature Center

As our little band of barefooters came out the green gates of the Shipley Nature Center after their docent led tour, they pleaded to play at the park. We headed for the structure, but the recently inspired naturalists spied a lonely hillside just across the expansive Central Park grass. Their imaginations led them on a two-hour tour of every precipice and crevice of the cliff like area, while we moms suppressed our gasps- the littlest ones scattered and scampered, sliding and slipping just like little Native American children may have not so very long ago.

During the walking tour of the habitats featured as part of the 18-acre restored natural area in the western portion of Huntington Beach Central Park, we learned a little about the people, plants and animals that share this planet of ours and a little about how we can help care for it. Monarch Butterflies, Bluebird Houses, lots of lizards and gigantic grasshoppers captured the attention of our pre-k to 3rd grade learners.

We felt a bit rushed and are looking forward to going back on a self-guided tour. More to come about Shipley Nature Center...
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