More About My Sweet Family

Being barefoot: we garden, homeschool, practice yoga, cook & eat together healthfully (mostly) and we love to play with our friends- who are primarily alternative educators, babywearers, crunchy mamas, granola kids, hippie lovers, former yuppies and other interesting family units.

My family is
Sugar Daddy- hubby, father to my babies, soda loving, candy addicted, garden tending, guitar strumming, boogie boarding man of my needs. 

G-pie- my big little girl, all knees and teeth, sweet & silly, an honest dreamer with a tough spirit.

J-cakes- my little big girl, full of fun, boisterous blonde, curious and clever with a big vocabulary!

And then there is C-dough who is the baby boy of the brood, he is all laughter and love, ready with a hug or a chuckle and quick to copy his sisters confidently.
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