Eating Barefoot

My philosophy on obsession with food has led me down some interesting paths in my life's journey. The way I eat now is an eclectic blend of things I have picked up from trying on different fads, diets, etc. My goal is dairy free, gluten free, sugar free. 80 percent plant based, with very little grains and legumes. Meat is something I am trying to include appropriately after going Vegan for a period of time. We have been toying with Paleo.

Goals are important- but so is enjoying reality. Last week we ate fast food multiple times (granted it was Sugar Daddy's birthday week) and we had sugary dessert every single night- birthday cake, ice cream, candy and cookies flowed freely, some homemade, others store bought- it wasn't pretty. My (pregnant) body felt the effects, but I had to just be calm and carry on. Stephanie O'Dea puts it best:
"I’m not an all-or-nothing kind of girl. I like all-natural, organic food, but I also like Cheese in a Can. I try my hardest to get us to all sit down to eat dinner together at the table, but sometimes the best thing is to spread out a blanket and watch TV while shoveling it in."
Right now (fall of 2011) I am focusing on
When I was little I really believed that happiness was a warm puppy, lately I am discovering that...
happiness is a clean kitchen
a family is inexplicably drawn to the hearth
A kitchen stocked with great foods that you can always say yes to.  A cleared, clean table- ready and waiting for craft projects, afternoon tea, play-doh (fun for EVERYONE) and group effort culinary creations- is at the heart of happiness.

So I dedicated (yet another) blog to the foods that sustain us and our culinary adventures- such a fun part of motherhood.

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