Saturday, December 22, 2012

Crockpot Cooking

Well after being inspired by +Mama and Baby Love  to get those crockpot meals prepped and frozen, I now have 9 meals ready to go... During the first day of prep, I made the Healthy Mama BBQ Chicken and Chicken Curry, while cooking taco filling in the crockpot. 

The next morning I quickly knocked out the Goulash and with the rest of the chicken I purchased, I made up a Chicken Fajita freezer meal pack- and started a roast, which I modified from this recipe- I used Sweet Potatoes instead of regular and omitted the celery and onion soup mix- replacing it with my own zesty herb seasoning mix. I loved it.

My almost 11 year old wanted to make the gravy so I taught her how and I thought it came out great too- we gathered around the table (after a short scuffle about who would sit where- nobody puts G-pie in a corner, apparently!) she took one bite and said, "Well it smells way better than it tastes" and I burst into tears (we are both hormonal right now, methinks!) ... although once I was able to compose myself and discuss it, it turns out she and Sugar Daddy were surprised by the sweetness of the meat & gravy. They were expecting something more savory- I guess the sweet potato infused it all too well!!

Having used my crockpot twice this week, I noticed it seemed to be cooking hot, so after a little searching I found these answers:

So now I have a bit of trouble shooting to do. Especially since I have a freezer full of food ready to dump in a crockpot!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


My husband is amazing. He is such a patient father and willing partner. He puts so much into everything he does, and gives his heart openly in shared wonder to his students and I am so happy that he is living this Learning Barefoot life with me.

As he was regaling me with the tale of his Science & Drawing classes today, baby M-cube awoke and he calmly assured me that it was OK and left me to a little much needed alone time. Time to reflect on the beauty of my life, the blessings that I have- the fulfillment of dreams and promise of a lovely future.

The pictures of my day are gathered in a digital trail from my morning post here, scattered on Tumblr, Facebook and Instagram- as is the fashion of our time. A beautiful summary of a day well lived.

Look to this day,
For it is life,
The very life of life.
In it’s brief course lie all
The realities and verities if existence,
The bliss of growth,
The splendor of action,
The glory of power-
For yesterday is but a dream,
And tomorrow is only a vision,
But today, lived well,
Makes every yesterday a dream of happiness
And every tomorrow a vision of hope.
Look well, therefore, to this day.

And here are some pictures of the time my partner-in-life shared, with children we both love at Learning Barefoot... being about the business we are building together. He makes things fun. It is after all why I married him.

Carnivore, Herbivore or Omnivore?

Eco-system discussion notes...

Group built food web.
Hungry "seed" (bead) eating "birds"...

The pollination race begins... "birds" eat "seeds".

...Kai is bringing "seeds" to the "soil"... while Grace drops "pollen" at the flowers...

Composters slowly creating "soil".

Frenzied action shot!!

Pollinated (paper clip) flowers and their attracting "bee". (last class was on magnets- love how he reinforces that concept)
 Science was so much fun that the kids who came for drawing wanted to play this game that he made up too...

We both had a great day doing things we loved, and loving the people who did them with us. 

It's a Wonderful Life.

Fresh Frozen Crockpot Family Food

It took me all weekend to clean and rearrange the cupboards in my kitchen. Monday I shopped.

Today is Taco Tuesday. I will have all the 3 littles home with me all day, while Sugar Daddy teaches make-up Science & Drawing classes at Learning Barefoot.

So I searched for a crockpot taco recipe- let's see how it goes, simmering all day while I chop and sort and store for the coming busy weeks. Found these great fresh to freezer to crockpot to table recipes on Pinterest... where it looks like this mama got a lotta love for this brilliant idea and has recently written a cookbook.

It is now 11:07 am. The middles are playing Dr with their stuffed lovies. The littlest is sleeping- here we go on the tacos... and then it is time to start chopping!!

Posting to Tumblr throughout the day...

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Spending Sunday in the Kitchen

This was such a lovely day.

We decided that Sundays should be spent in the kitchen and we will make pancakes for breakfast, snack plates for lunch and something sweet for the week- today we have been trying to get to these... meringues.
J-cakes learned to finger crochet today. She picked it up so very quickly.

G-pie cleaned the tea kettle.

C-dough made his lunch.

As did J-cakes.

C-dough took out the trash!

We played with egg yolks.

We mixed egg whites.

And added sugar & food coloring.

And tasted it.

And squirted it.

And exploded it. (Science experiment in the microwave gone awry. Tense moments with egg everywhere!)

After hours of wiping down (and behind & underneath) appliances, scrubbing cupboard fronts (love how C-dough calls them "covereds" just like G-pie used to!), unloading, re-loading, un-loading and re-loading the dishwasher, clearing the clutter from the counters, cleaning the teapot and the coffeepot- with a couple breaks for dance parties, hanging our "prayer rags"...

He put on the Scooby footies and fell fast asleep!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Mason Jar Midnight Snacks

Thanksgiving leftovers layered in a mini-mason jar. Microwave for 45 seconds- yum. Pack a few as you are clearing the table on Thanksgiving Day... midnight munchies satisfied!!!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Home, Friends, Family, Food & Muses...

As I am sleepily settling into this easy, slow, peaceful morning I am aware of something that feels like it is worth sharing. We are entering a season of sadness for many- a time of stress and hurry, worry and want. I know, I have been there for far too many years.

A shift has occurred in my life, a minor change- call it paradigm, belief structure or merely a matter of perspective, but I am seeing things in interesting new ways. I am allowing things to come into focus at the natural pace instead of peering into the future, craning for a glimpse of how I could get to what was to come. I am settling, yet again, into rhythms, routines and rituals that mark the seasons and cycles.

Do you believe in fairies? Witches? Elves and sprites? How about muses?

Spirits with energy that is slightly different in wonderful creative, playful, twinkling, pure, daring, delightful ways.

Wikipedia says this of Muses:
"The Muses (Ancient GreekΜοῦσαιmoũsai:[1] perhaps from the o-grade of the Proto-Indo-European root *men- "think"[2]) in Greek mythologypoetry, and literature, are the goddesses of the inspiration of literaturescience and the arts. They were considered the source of the knowledge, related orally for centuries in the ancient culture that was contained in poetic lyrics and myths."
"...concerning the number of the Muses; for some say that there are three, and others that there are nine, but the number nine has prevailed since it rests upon the authority of the most distinguished men, such as Homer and Hesiod..."
My life has been touched by at least one, perhaps three... I could go so far as to identify the nine if I filled in some intuitive connections for the gaps in my knowledge.

Muses move on. They touch your life, they change you, you learn from them, you laugh with them, you love them. Then they journey on like the merry band of gypsies than can seem to be. Their energy remains, their mark on the mural of community they have connected with conscious creation- and they often circle back around for celebrations!

With each of our recent moves, things have been shaken out of the accumulated carpet bags I'd been carrying around with me (baggage). Things have been discovered that I thought were lost, things have been happened upon that should have been lost! Dust has been disturbed, the old making way for the new. Perhaps as I moved about connecting, re-connecting and touching the lives of those we grew close to- just perhaps I was a bit of a muse.

Yesterday Sugar Daddy found my DayTimer from 2001, right about the time I got pregnant with G-pie was when it stopped being used. The dates of the days of the week are the same as this year. I can essentially "pick up where I left off" and keep using this beautiful, though well loved tool- a much needed one with the crazy busy schedule I am crafting for my clan!

It makes me feel happy to be settled. It gives me strength in who I am and what I am here to do. It allows me to tend to my roots... and shoots, and use my buckets and boots! This spring I am going to plant that Pizza Garden, Sharon Lovejoy!

Today is Thanksgiving. There is so very much I am grateful for. But right now, as I finish my coffee and my kids gobble up the last bits of breakfast while they watch Curious George, and my husband finishes the logo for Learning Barefoot, (so we can order those T-shirts for all our new members- woo hoo), and baby M-cube sleeps sweetly with a milk drunk smile... this is what I am grateful for right now.

My little home that warms so quickly and fills so fully with the smell of the fresh baked popovers that my little boy helped make this beautiful morning. (C-dough cracked the eggs, poured the almond milk, sifted the gluten free flour and dumped in the apples, raisins & nuts).

The children I have come to know and love as they explore the enrichment and resources I am happy to provide. A place to leave our creative stamp and space to collectively create!

The women I know as friends, acquaintances, family members, muses, mamas and mentors- such a rich, generous, inspiring, warm, and genuine circle- well maybe it's more like a Venn Diagram than an actual circle =)

My husband who loves me. Simply, honestly, forever. We are truly blessed.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Conscious Mothering Mini-Retreat

A few weeks ago I woke up ready to go get my "mama-ness" adjusted a bit.

The transition to 4 kids has been a roller coaster of emotions, physical demands, new territory with sibling development and musical beds galore!!

I spent at least an hour arguing with myself as to whether it would really feel refreshing and helpful with a nursing M-cube along (even tried that ol' thinking of others tactic- the mamas are retreating, "they don't want a baby around"). But she is a sweetie and I NEEDED it... so luckily I won the argument and I started getting ready.

It was one of those morning and I was running very late. It was further away than I realized. I didn't get to go on the nature walk. I was stressing a bit.

As I was unloading my precious cargo - rushing in the parking lot to hurry and interrupt as little as possible, I heard a soft welcoming voice. The mamas were just arriving from their nature walk... I wasn't late!!

And every second of the next 3 hours was precisely what I needed to find the inner mama guru who knows that this is the most wondrous and amazing time of my life.

The guided meditation that Sylvia led us through (while holding my sweet babe who was making her sleepy noises) opened my heart wide. I would walk you through it, but the tears would flow and I wouldn't be able to see my keyboard... but you should go experience it for yourself anyway.

After that we did a wonderful exercise called Listening. This has impacted my life in so many ways- with my husband, business, friendships, and even in helping me listen to my own inner voice. It was so simple, but somehow struck me like lightening.

Next up Sylvia worked with a specific challenge of one of the mamas- well, ok it was me!! As I laid bare the raw emotions of my most desperate self, I felt a weight lifting from my shoulders. Sylvia helped me realize my own power and perspective and peacefulness... the wisdom of the circle of mamas wrapped around and warmed me like the softest, lovely cardigan you can imagine.

A few weeks later I was window shopping on 2nd street with a dear friend and I came across this. It suddenly all came together. That is what I got back at the mini-retreat, the "hope" part of being a mama, and now I can breathe easier.

This Saturday is another one. I will be there. Do you need a little mama-freshing? You owe it to your inner baby, that perfect being of love and light. I am a better mama this month and I am getting better and better...

The word I left with, written on a tealight, imprinted on my heart was Allow. I have allowed it to make such a difference in my life.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

An organized schedule

Calendars are cool. It gives me great hope to fill up a calendar with all the exciting things I am going to share with my family and friends. I use Google Calendar for all my various hats, and this allows me to view everything in one place or hide the stuff that clutters up my schedule and add on the go using my phone. You can even have your Facebook Events feed into your Google calendar.  And the color coding... it's enough to make me get up early to start filling in the rainbow!
But yesterday it occurred to me that my frustration with having to remind my family and rush around when I thought they already knew what the plan for the day was... so I re-purposed an old white board. Step 1- let the middles play with it to their hearts' content. We drew and colored and cleaned and re-cleaned together for over an hour. Then set it aside to get snack and clean up a bit.

These Dry Erase Crayons from Crayola are really great and make it easy to color code. They don't wipe off when the side of your hand touches the things you have already written. And they DO wipe off easily when it is time, no matter how long the writing has been there.

A little hand sanitizer works best if it becomes a murky- the special cloth that comes with it is black, so it can tend to leave dark smudges on any sticky parts.

Step 2 was applying tape in a perfect grid. I gave G-pie the dimensions and asked her to do the math for me since my brain is fuzz, while I nursed may. She got it right (I didn't bother checking, just started doing and was very pleased to see how well proportioned it was!!

G-pie also filled in the dates and special occasions for me- then I got to work adding in all the classes, field trips, playdates, book launch parties, meetings, museum tours, park days and other adventures we have coming up.

It took almost all day with all the serious doll playing, dish doing, dinosaur imitating, diaper changing, and of course the costume creating (we actually have all 3 of the kids ready with full costumes- yes, yes we do!!)...

But I am please to report there is now a huge calendar for all to see where we need to be and when... now to get those who can read to look at it and teach those who can't to read! Then add it all into the appropriate Google Calendars, write it in my cute little organizer, update and THEN I can relax and never miss anything again! =)

Oh and get Sugar Daddy to actually hang it... this was just a test.

How do you manage your family's time. Digital or in real world? Does it work? Do you feel like a cruise director?

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Going Barefoot4Edrick

On Thursday, I wore no shoes.

This is actually not an uncommon experience for me. I really am barefoot a lot. But yesterday, after Sugar Daddy made me Google it to make sure it was legal, (it is) - I drove barefoot, I went into a 7 11 barefoot, I loaded and unloaded my van, I went to a park and I never even put on the flimsy flip flops I usually wear.

This was done along with Soles4souls, a non-profit with the following Mission:
Soles4Souls collects new shoes to give relief to the victims of abject suffering and collects used shoes to support micro-business efforts to eradicate poverty.Soles4Souls’ other two divisions, Clothes4Souls and Hope4Souls, provide the same relief and support through clothing and other necessities. 
Since its inception following the Asian tsunami, Soles4Souls has distributed over 19 million pairs to people in 125 countries, and our efforts have been publicized in thousands of articles, including the Green Guide by National Geographic and Runner's World.

How did it feel? 

Honestly I so much enjoy going barefoot and feeling connected to the earth- did you know about grounding? Here is some information I just discovered- and I am going to be reviewing a pair of the incredible sandals this company sells, as soon as they arrive. (Sometimes all you have to do is ask!)

So I can't say the experience profoundly changed my life, here in the OC it is fairly easy to do. If I had to do it all the time, I am sure I would feel differently. After just one day: I noticed that carrying a heavy load across a parking lot caused a little more discomfort. My feet were cold, because it rained and the puddles remained all day.

A few of my younger friends joined me in this show of support...

Saturday, October 6, 2012

"10 Trends in Homeschooling" Inspired Me to share...

Family style learning is my passion. I love the process of living life with a curious and open mind and laughing often with an open heart. As my dreams are taking focus, I am awakening my truest self. I find such contentment in organizing, creating systems, gathering information/ resources and making them readily available in user friendly ways. I love being a part of a community. I like to plan events and share productive time creating and playing with like-minded spirits.

After reading this - and hearing a new term "hybrid homeschooling"- aka custom schooling, alternative education, eclectic charter schooling... I felt confident in the way we educate our offspring. What we do is what I like to call "G-pie-schooling" and I've recently started "J-cakes-schooling"... the littles are actually a part of the process, and provide plenty of opportunities for in the moment learning!

So while I have always envisioned a "learning center", I am seeing it more clearly now as a community center- a place to gather and get better and better at living. A place to share certain tasks that used to be done around the tribal fire together- where advice is given and taken in easy camaraderie and items of value are produced (cooking groups, apothecary cooperatives, crafting clubs).

A resource room where interesting toys, games, books and puzzles await discovery. Where there is always a science experiment, Mad-libs, snap circuits, a hand crafting project, bookmaking project and seasonal observances are celebrated with simplistic ritual in subtle and soothing ways. Where families come to be inspired, refreshed and connected- invigorated.

This big, huge, wonderful, fully realized "homeschool hub" , is starting out as a tiny embryo.

Fittingly the tiny "resource room" is growing inside BlossomOC where pregnancy, childbirth and postnatal care are the focus. It will be nurtured, by the attention of the families who come in the door. It will grow, as it is fed with more resources- and it will become more intelligent as I gather all the information I can about this exciting time in the world of homeschooling. So that my mature vision will be ready to stand alone (in a really cool location, with some outdoor space) and I can share it, and myself, with the community that is the tribe it takes to raise our children into adulthood (and ourselves into higher consciousness)!

It is a truly thrilling time to be... Learning Barefoot

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

So much happening...

Where to begin and how to end? What to share and who to tell about?

Sugar Daddy is at the ER with our J-bug, she fell. I have been telling her for a couple weeks to STOP spinning in the living room. She probably will now... When I was 4, I fell into the corner of a TV. I can still just barely make out the scar on my forehead, about where hers will be.

This is the 3rd ER visit in 5 days. This is life with 4 kids. Well, at least, thanks to Facebook (and my constant updates to it)- my friends gave valuable feedback that resulted in a much better experience for my hubby and eldest middle girl. He took her to Millers (Long Beach Children's Memorial). I shall not bring anymore energy to the re-telling of my 8 hour ordeal with my 3 month old, M-cube, on Saturday OR the second 4 hour one on Monday.

This is hard. It sometimes totally sucks. (Love what Danielle LaPort says about a little commiseration)

Thank goodness for my Cuppow Lid. Now I can use my mason jar for all my favorite travelling beverages. Because I am always on the go and I never get enough sleep so my iced coffee cubes (original post on my inspiration from Pinterest is here) come in handy and this lid is the perfect way to keep it all contained. Now how do I keep a lid on my hot emotions?

Also been loving my coconut oil for skin that is dry from too much wetness. Does that even make sense?

Oh and we started "school" this week- our not back to school breakfast was a bit of a bust this time around, but my resourceful and smart 5th grader saved the day with a simple, no fuss alternative. Instead of building waffle houses the kids had Rice Krispies with blueberries and whipped cream.

Being a "mom" to 4 small human beings is the most challenging thing I have ever done.

The need for sanity (and yoga mom revolution yogini, Laura Jane) led me to a group on Facebook called the Abundance Game, which steered me to a fantastic little App on my Android called Wechat, and that has given  me such pleasure- being able to connect with amazing people. They have helped me see that I am stronger and more resilient every day. I am an effective leader and I inspire my children to become their most authentic selves and to love themselves and their community. I am a valuable part of my community and I enjoy close friendships with other women who are raising their children in our "tribe".

Oh yeah and did I mention I was peaceful and happy at the dentist where I had to go for a broken filling today? My dentist is the coolest, not so bad on the eyes, most patient, gentle and explanatory dental professional around. He's in Costa Mesa is you need him. Dr Eric Vanek.

Now for something totally cool. I got invited to a screening for mombloggers and am going to be joining 40 other bloggers for a PR campaign through the Circle of Moms network... It sounds totally amazing!

Being in the moment. Letting the now unfold. Focusing on the simple joys of the present draw for my attention and how to choose the actions that support peace, happiness and following our highest excitement. Recognizing that I attract my own reality.

And I'll wrap up this ramble with a little suggestion for family fun. Penny Pitching. It is such a wonderful feeling to share parts of our own childhood with our kids. This one really drew in the whole family. I snazzed it up a bit from what we did when I was a kid of course, we are homeschoolers after all!! We included tape, a ruler and several ways to "win"...

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Time Alone...

...goes way too fast. I hear them pulling into the driveway now. Have they really been gone 2 hours?

After a little Facebook-ing and Pinterest-ing, I got lost in this magical blog:

And here they come, traipsing up the front steps- my merry band of mess makers!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I am complete

I clung to my friend Kate for a little extra moment as we hugged goodbye after a park potluck last Friday. She also has 4 children. There is an even greater bond between us now. I admire her a little more seeing that she has not only survived but thrived as her offspring now double outnumber her and her hubby.

Often people look at me with a mix of admiration and sympathy when I tell them I have 4 children. It is pretty much all I think about these days. I have 4 kids. All day long I am asking myself variations of the same 4 questions about all 4 children... 

  1. Is M-cube hungry again?
  2. Is C-dough poopie again?
  3. Is J-cakes happy or sad? (4 year squealing is rather ambiguous)
  4. Is G-pie sleeping too late?

Or "are they all in the car?" as I pull out of the driveway... These are the thoughts that cycle through my head as I try to go about the business of self actualization. Who am I? I have 4 kids...
“Three is still O.K.,” said Michelle Lehmann, the founder of and a mother of eight children who lives outside Chicago. “When you have four, people start raising eyebrows. When you go to five, people are like, ‘No way.’ ”
OK so I am someone people raise their eyebrows at.

David Letterman asks Jim Gaffigan what it is like to have 4 kids and he answers "Just imagine you are drowning... and someone hands you a baby!" Jim delivers more witty wisdom on his self Mr Universe show, which you can download from his website. Instant date night- just add takeout and a bottle of wine.

Being 1/6th of the way through this most difficult first year, I am becoming more adept at- well, EVERYTHING. I truly amaze myself at what I can get done in a day, and all those chores I have to re-do the next day, gets done even more and more efficiently.

Another interesting side effect is that I am finding it absolutely necessary to be authentic. There is just no time for anything other than the reality of my imperfect thoughts, often inaccurate observations and annoyingly intuitive conclusions. Authenticity is my badge of courage.

My life is full. One moment my breasts are filling up and my baby is rooting in my arms, the next my 10 year old is anxiety ridden over minor social dramas. Then C-dough throws something and J-cakes whines for it's immediate return, and he shouts "My do it!", and the baby cries. G-pie tries to recapture my attention to talk about her friends and M-cube settles in to nursing.

A moment or two is spent worrying over what the other mamas in my tribe think about their behaviors and the implications on my parenting... and then I take a deep breath and do the next thing that presents itself. Often remembering as I stand swaying and staring at a sleeping baby that I really need to call Holly and talk about Sundara Yoga Shala.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Such glorious freedom.

Aptly appreciated on this eve of Independence Day...

Tonight I was thrilled to run out my front door shortly after Sugar Daddy arrived home with my loaner bike. A fellow homeschool mom (and Realtor should you be in the market) is letting me try it out before I commit to purchasing it, and it seems like a terrific bike. Between bouncing the baby to sleep, biking myself back to sanity nightly and barely having time to feed myself- I may lose these extra ounces quicker than I imagined.

Plus the short spin had me in a healthy state of mind, so while G-pie whipped up Mac & Cheese with Ham for the kids, I threw veggie broth, rice & tomatoes into the rice cooker, cut zucchini, yellow squash, cabbage and carrots and put them in the steamer basket above the rice and 20 minutes later, I then stirred in a little coconut oil and fresh basil - it was so simple and soooo delicious!

Breathing deeply of the fresh air, hearing the tires humming on the pavement and moving with speed and a purpose really healed me after a very long day filled with poopies, boobies, boo-boos and owies (it was one of THOSE days, I swear all 4 children must be having a simultaneous growth spurt)!

 This bike is an exercise in asking for what I wanted, seeking it and following through on the opportunities that arise.

 What will I create for the betterment of mama next?

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Family Meals

So the arrival of our fourth mouth to feed has me all in a tizzy. I have M-cube's nutritional needs covered for the immediate future, no preparation necessary, always ready on demand and free! 

But the other 3 all have very different eating habits and tastes- other than their shared desire for all things sugary or sweet!

This past couple of weeks we have been incredibly loved up on by some awesome mamas who have brought us meals. It has made all the difference for me in being able to maintain our family tradition of eating at the table as often as possible- which has allowed us to bond as a family while we adjust to the new arrival of another human being to share our daily lives with.

Last night G-pie said she loved people bringing us dinner. And that she has enjoyed all of them -although the Pasta with Ground Turkey & Corn was her favorite- and the delicious star cookies that came with it! I loved the casserole dish and realized I should make more 1-pot meals. This one really made me think of my dad, who loved to add corn to pretty much anything...

Sugar Daddy's favorite was the chili which he simmered all afternoon, adding spices and seasonings... the hard prep work was all done, and he got to tinker with the flavor the way he loves to do!! An added blessing to this wonderful dinner- which I appreciated both ways. Such comfort food, and the aroma of the house all afternoon was delicious!

Last night we feasted on Salmon with Brown Rice, Garlic & Lemon Green Beans and Apples & Yams, with Girl Scout cookies for dessert. Totally gluten-free & dairy free. Packaged for ease & convenience- it came together like a gourmet meal.

We were also so grateful for the snack foods- and the soups that people brought, this one was perfect in it's simplicity and so good. It was a great way to give myself a boost before or after a marathon nursing session! 

Another mom brought soup too- these wonderful, wise women know how to supply a postpartum mama with nutritional needs and delightful indulgences, as well! 

This experience left me wondering how this might work even beyond the babymoon- and how it would be such a benefit to busy mamas. It is a great way to expand our own familiar menu and try things made a different way than we do.

Tonight I will be trying out a frozen meal from my friend at Dinner This Month: Chicken Pesto. I have been considering forming a meal assembly group through DTM. I am not sure if the recipes will fit with our dietary preferences, and it seems like a lot of work. I found this option- discovered on Pinterest: for fresh food, sorted & stored in sustainable servers.

Right now I think I like this option best:

Search OAMC- once a month cooking, freezer meals, meal assembly groups & meal sharing for other options.

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