Saturday, October 6, 2012

"10 Trends in Homeschooling" Inspired Me to share...

Family style learning is my passion. I love the process of living life with a curious and open mind and laughing often with an open heart. As my dreams are taking focus, I am awakening my truest self. I find such contentment in organizing, creating systems, gathering information/ resources and making them readily available in user friendly ways. I love being a part of a community. I like to plan events and share productive time creating and playing with like-minded spirits.

After reading this - and hearing a new term "hybrid homeschooling"- aka custom schooling, alternative education, eclectic charter schooling... I felt confident in the way we educate our offspring. What we do is what I like to call "G-pie-schooling" and I've recently started "J-cakes-schooling"... the littles are actually a part of the process, and provide plenty of opportunities for in the moment learning!

So while I have always envisioned a "learning center", I am seeing it more clearly now as a community center- a place to gather and get better and better at living. A place to share certain tasks that used to be done around the tribal fire together- where advice is given and taken in easy camaraderie and items of value are produced (cooking groups, apothecary cooperatives, crafting clubs).

A resource room where interesting toys, games, books and puzzles await discovery. Where there is always a science experiment, Mad-libs, snap circuits, a hand crafting project, bookmaking project and seasonal observances are celebrated with simplistic ritual in subtle and soothing ways. Where families come to be inspired, refreshed and connected- invigorated.

This big, huge, wonderful, fully realized "homeschool hub" , is starting out as a tiny embryo.

Fittingly the tiny "resource room" is growing inside BlossomOC where pregnancy, childbirth and postnatal care are the focus. It will be nurtured, by the attention of the families who come in the door. It will grow, as it is fed with more resources- and it will become more intelligent as I gather all the information I can about this exciting time in the world of homeschooling. So that my mature vision will be ready to stand alone (in a really cool location, with some outdoor space) and I can share it, and myself, with the community that is the tribe it takes to raise our children into adulthood (and ourselves into higher consciousness)!

It is a truly thrilling time to be... Learning Barefoot

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