Thursday, November 22, 2012

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As I am sleepily settling into this easy, slow, peaceful morning I am aware of something that feels like it is worth sharing. We are entering a season of sadness for many- a time of stress and hurry, worry and want. I know, I have been there for far too many years.

A shift has occurred in my life, a minor change- call it paradigm, belief structure or merely a matter of perspective, but I am seeing things in interesting new ways. I am allowing things to come into focus at the natural pace instead of peering into the future, craning for a glimpse of how I could get to what was to come. I am settling, yet again, into rhythms, routines and rituals that mark the seasons and cycles.

Do you believe in fairies? Witches? Elves and sprites? How about muses?

Spirits with energy that is slightly different in wonderful creative, playful, twinkling, pure, daring, delightful ways.

Wikipedia says this of Muses:
"The Muses (Ancient GreekΜοῦσαιmoũsai:[1] perhaps from the o-grade of the Proto-Indo-European root *men- "think"[2]) in Greek mythologypoetry, and literature, are the goddesses of the inspiration of literaturescience and the arts. They were considered the source of the knowledge, related orally for centuries in the ancient culture that was contained in poetic lyrics and myths."
"...concerning the number of the Muses; for some say that there are three, and others that there are nine, but the number nine has prevailed since it rests upon the authority of the most distinguished men, such as Homer and Hesiod..."
My life has been touched by at least one, perhaps three... I could go so far as to identify the nine if I filled in some intuitive connections for the gaps in my knowledge.

Muses move on. They touch your life, they change you, you learn from them, you laugh with them, you love them. Then they journey on like the merry band of gypsies than can seem to be. Their energy remains, their mark on the mural of community they have connected with conscious creation- and they often circle back around for celebrations!

With each of our recent moves, things have been shaken out of the accumulated carpet bags I'd been carrying around with me (baggage). Things have been discovered that I thought were lost, things have been happened upon that should have been lost! Dust has been disturbed, the old making way for the new. Perhaps as I moved about connecting, re-connecting and touching the lives of those we grew close to- just perhaps I was a bit of a muse.

Yesterday Sugar Daddy found my DayTimer from 2001, right about the time I got pregnant with G-pie was when it stopped being used. The dates of the days of the week are the same as this year. I can essentially "pick up where I left off" and keep using this beautiful, though well loved tool- a much needed one with the crazy busy schedule I am crafting for my clan!

It makes me feel happy to be settled. It gives me strength in who I am and what I am here to do. It allows me to tend to my roots... and shoots, and use my buckets and boots! This spring I am going to plant that Pizza Garden, Sharon Lovejoy!

Today is Thanksgiving. There is so very much I am grateful for. But right now, as I finish my coffee and my kids gobble up the last bits of breakfast while they watch Curious George, and my husband finishes the logo for Learning Barefoot, (so we can order those T-shirts for all our new members- woo hoo), and baby M-cube sleeps sweetly with a milk drunk smile... this is what I am grateful for right now.

My little home that warms so quickly and fills so fully with the smell of the fresh baked popovers that my little boy helped make this beautiful morning. (C-dough cracked the eggs, poured the almond milk, sifted the gluten free flour and dumped in the apples, raisins & nuts).

The children I have come to know and love as they explore the enrichment and resources I am happy to provide. A place to leave our creative stamp and space to collectively create!

The women I know as friends, acquaintances, family members, muses, mamas and mentors- such a rich, generous, inspiring, warm, and genuine circle- well maybe it's more like a Venn Diagram than an actual circle =)

My husband who loves me. Simply, honestly, forever. We are truly blessed.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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