Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Such glorious freedom.

Aptly appreciated on this eve of Independence Day...

Tonight I was thrilled to run out my front door shortly after Sugar Daddy arrived home with my loaner bike. A fellow homeschool mom (and Realtor should you be in the market) is letting me try it out before I commit to purchasing it, and it seems like a terrific bike. Between bouncing the baby to sleep, biking myself back to sanity nightly and barely having time to feed myself- I may lose these extra ounces quicker than I imagined.

Plus the short spin had me in a healthy state of mind, so while G-pie whipped up Mac & Cheese with Ham for the kids, I threw veggie broth, rice & tomatoes into the rice cooker, cut zucchini, yellow squash, cabbage and carrots and put them in the steamer basket above the rice and 20 minutes later, I then stirred in a little coconut oil and fresh basil - it was so simple and soooo delicious!

Breathing deeply of the fresh air, hearing the tires humming on the pavement and moving with speed and a purpose really healed me after a very long day filled with poopies, boobies, boo-boos and owies (it was one of THOSE days, I swear all 4 children must be having a simultaneous growth spurt)!

 This bike is an exercise in asking for what I wanted, seeking it and following through on the opportunities that arise.

 What will I create for the betterment of mama next?

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