Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Fresh Frozen Crockpot Family Food

It took me all weekend to clean and rearrange the cupboards in my kitchen. Monday I shopped.

Today is Taco Tuesday. I will have all the 3 littles home with me all day, while Sugar Daddy teaches make-up Science & Drawing classes at Learning Barefoot.

So I searched for a crockpot taco recipe- let's see how it goes, simmering all day while I chop and sort and store for the coming busy weeks. Found these great fresh to freezer to crockpot to table recipes on Pinterest... where it looks like this mama got a lotta love for this brilliant idea and has recently written a cookbook.

It is now 11:07 am. The middles are playing Dr with their stuffed lovies. The littlest is sleeping- here we go on the tacos... and then it is time to start chopping!!

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