Saturday, December 22, 2012

Crockpot Cooking

Well after being inspired by +Mama and Baby Love  to get those crockpot meals prepped and frozen, I now have 9 meals ready to go... During the first day of prep, I made the Healthy Mama BBQ Chicken and Chicken Curry, while cooking taco filling in the crockpot. 

The next morning I quickly knocked out the Goulash and with the rest of the chicken I purchased, I made up a Chicken Fajita freezer meal pack- and started a roast, which I modified from this recipe- I used Sweet Potatoes instead of regular and omitted the celery and onion soup mix- replacing it with my own zesty herb seasoning mix. I loved it.

My almost 11 year old wanted to make the gravy so I taught her how and I thought it came out great too- we gathered around the table (after a short scuffle about who would sit where- nobody puts G-pie in a corner, apparently!) she took one bite and said, "Well it smells way better than it tastes" and I burst into tears (we are both hormonal right now, methinks!) ... although once I was able to compose myself and discuss it, it turns out she and Sugar Daddy were surprised by the sweetness of the meat & gravy. They were expecting something more savory- I guess the sweet potato infused it all too well!!

Having used my crockpot twice this week, I noticed it seemed to be cooking hot, so after a little searching I found these answers:

So now I have a bit of trouble shooting to do. Especially since I have a freezer full of food ready to dump in a crockpot!!

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