Friday, September 18, 2009


What is is about new things that motivate? When I get new supplies for homeschooling I suddenly have the energy to tackle projects that have been left sitting for weeks! My dd7 and I are very anxious to get our 2nd grade mural started. We are painting a small schoolhouse onto a large piece of paper that will go above the craft table in the creative area of our homeschool room (aka half of the garage!) My intention is that she will be able to decorate it and it's front porch with seasonal add-ons, and the "mailbox" out front will have her "assignments" for the day. I am also toying with the idea of a worry tree to hang our worries on when it is time to create and learn.

Well we just got the last of the supplies I ordered through our charter school and we are ready to start.What a perfect weekend for new beginnings! It is a new moon today and in addition to the schoolhouse mural I will be making my first Full Moon Dreamboard (another inspiring idea by my new online mentor-ess, Jamie Ridler) and beginning a new book with her Book Blogging Group. I will be getting the book today and blogging about it at

As I consider celebrating newness, I realize that it needn't be tied to new "things", there is always something new in the never ending natural cycle of creation and destruction. Yesterday I joined a new group of friends for a lovely autumn ritual circle. We gathered out in the wilderness (well as close as we could get- a regional park/ campgrounds!) under the old oak trees and shared music, magic and motherhood. Our children joined us, delightfully distracted by the natural urges of childhood to explore, play with friends and snack on earth's bounty. Seeds to start the new school year, planted in the seasonal cycle and already producing the blossoms of friendship.


  1. looking forward to dieting with my fellow joy dieters

  2. I'm so glad we've connected! I'll look forward to sharing both the Full Moon Dreamboards and The Joy Diet with you!

  3. Just stopped by to say Hi! I look forward to our new adventure into Joy. Have a great week.

  4. Hi. Cheers to your new school and much joy on your diet. See you on the journey.


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