Thursday, July 14, 2011

I'm IN!

Google Plus.

Who's in, who wants in, who cares?

Me! I must admit I find it thrilling to be in so early, but it feels a bit like Facebook did for the first 3-4 months when I joined, a year after it opened up for anyone with an email address. We all sorta saw something, but wondered what the heck the point was... and then there was a shift and suddenly I was addicted. What happened?

People I sorta new in real life became my Friends and suddenly I felt more connected to the social tapestry. Old high school buddies are certainly fun to reconnect with, but the magic of Facebook is it's ability to infiltrate actual, current social networks- their events, photos and thoughts are broadcast for all to see... and the rest of their world, too!

Google+ allows more control over what you broadcast to the world, allowing you to quickly and easily choose who sees, knows (and can comment on) what!

Plus it automatically loads my photos taken with my Android- now that is COOL!!! Now I am wondering if the calendar integrates easily for events to be shared, now that would be uber-fantastic!

So I guess I wait for everyone to come on over to Google+.

Will it eventually replace Facebook?

Or will I just be twice as distracted now?

The click and drag features are smooth. Nice.

What do you think of Google+, had you heard of it? Will (or have) you join(ed)?

Can anyone and everyone get in now?

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