Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Social Circles

So the whole Facebook vs Google+ debate is in full scale heightened media frenzy- and they are neck&neck in shamelessly promoting- each other!

So here goes, randomly jumping betwixt the two, here's what I see...

On Facebook we are either Friends or not. And you have to accept my request to confirm that relationship.

With Google+ I can add people to circles and they don't have to add me back- I have created circles like "random", "Flavor of the Minute", "Inner Circle", "Music Appreciators", "My Main Mamas", "PCA's" etc... this way I can easily share the stuff that is effortlessly (automatically) uploaded from my Android device, like photos & videos. (*Pop Culture Addicts)

On Facebook I can  update my status, upload photos, share links, videos (after a lengthy upload) and categorize my Friends, as well as comment on their status updates, see their latest pics and invite them to Events.

With Google+, sharing what's new... photos... links I like... and even my location is highly selective, enabling me to quickly share with my Inner Circle anytime the baby does something cute. While just as superfast-ly I can share something with the Public from my (Google) Docs, Calendar, Reader or searches. Or I can share pretty much anything with people who choose to still use that old fashioned communication method, (e-mail) -once they are in a Circle they are included where they Google+ or not- very cool!)

On Facebook I Like things- witty quips, funny photos & fascinating facts. I can also Like businesses and blogs and bands and other such organizations. Then they will Feed me with their Most Recent News.

With Google+ there is some sort of score being kept, and I get to add a +1 whenever something strikes my fancy [insert Vegas slot machine noises here]. A Stream of information appears from all my Circles or just the ones I click on. And in place of a bunch of awkward apps are some Sparks- information about my interests!

On Facebook... is where my Friends are, so there I shall stay. But every day my Circles grow!

With Google+, you should be. (Yoda says so apparently.)

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