Thursday, July 14, 2011

Women are Fabulous Creatures

Tonight I wanted to blog about something deep and mystic, something that would make you, my appreciated readers, think and wow and connect to me. But as I tried to narrow down the anecdotes from the day and glean the lesson learned from my travels- I kept thinking about these amazing souls I had connected with throughout my very long day

It all began with yoga- and I truly believe that is why it ends with blissful recollection.

A yogi (or is it yogini?) who pulls together friends and other ya-ya's to transcend time and space for 60-75 minutes weekly, whilst children scuttle in and out and slam doors at precisely the right moment to call your attention to the pain in your shin that says adjust, wise yogi, adjust that posture- and her calm voice validates that decision, intoning peace, a sacred space within a happy home.

The bloggy buddy D, who offers essential adjustment advice in the arrow pose and shares of herself and her struggles openly and honestly- a mom with small children who took the time to make a feast for the potluck, and breathed through her practice in a way that was musical and whimsical.

Musical mama, M, proud parent of a particularly gifted girl who inspired my own with song. G-pie kept humming a tune I didn't recognize, come to find out it is an original song, by my 9 year old's almost birthday twin.

Mother of 4, wholehearted and fully living- all hail K! for she is my hero, (not to be confused with the man in black who said "Flush me, J" - rent it. Will Smith is cool.) anyway, she seems to be fully invested, well balanced and openly accepting of any adventure that arrives- including fondue. So freaking cool!

Then there is E, who fascinates me- she is what I fancy myself to be: vivacious, witty, flirty and fun. She makes me want to laugh and linger- while she liltingly tells her tales- listening to her adventures and marveling at her lust for life.

Then this evening, H, who hosted humbly, my oh so honest friend who attributes her attitude to her Aspergers, but I admire as an old fashioned heart of gold. The guests at the gathering go a long way to show how her first year in the homeschool world have blessed us and brought us together.

A bosom best buddy who has been like a ship passing in the night as we have both experienced so many similar experiences in marriage, parenting, spiritual seeking, moving and making new friends... kittens, preschoolers... husbands on unemployment... LOL.

Then there is C: witty, wordy, wonderful and wise... the mother of the great instigator, the first domino to fall in the Warriors windstorm. Such a warm and whimsical woman, faithful, forthcoming and full of fun!

But then the journey asserts itself and I, counting to 143, while my struggling son surrenders into sweet slumber, marvel at the marvelous mamas I shared air with today. I am one lucky lady- look at all these loving, intelligent, assertive, imaginative, creative, sexy, gorgeous, generous, accepting and absolutely admirable mamas.

Am I really counted amongst their numbers, are these fabulous creatures my peers? Yes, yes they are.

Oh, there you are Perry.

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