Thursday, July 21, 2011

Live from the Apple store

So G-pie is having a great time playing with an iPad making a movie at Apple Camp- a free and FUN experience for us both.

Took some photos with my phone, which my lovely Incredible automatically uploaded to my Google+ page... Now the challenge is how to get them inserted here. Seriously do this many people want to buy a Mac today?

There are like 40 adults, 20 kids and- I am not exaggerating- 35 employees. But the guy next to me has now been waiting for almost 17 minutes, he is not playing with the very cool device he is presumably here to purchase... Merely impatiently leaning against the counter, gasp! with his back to the iPad!

Help has arrived, and now she has scurried off after mumbled apologies for the wait and he leans again- arms crossed this time. She is back and he purchases his $9 accessory... Was it worth the wait?

Now back to my photo retrieval ...
Making movies, making friends!

If you are interested in Apple's free summer "camps" be warned, they fill up fast- 
and it is not a drop off thing, they expect parents to stay in the store.

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  1. I'm not an Apple person at all but B has an iPod Touch and she loves it.


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