Friday, July 22, 2011

Living the Life

Do you love the sounds a guitar string makes when it is perfectly plucked?

Do you like the feel of warm sand between your toes and a baby boy cuddled up sleeping on the towel next to you?

How do you feel about carne asada tacos, perfectly marinated, with cilantro, fresh corn tortillas, diced tomatoes and super spicy salsa?

How would you like to hear a tiny three your old voice, say "You're the best mama ever" as you carry her down to the waves for a splash in the cool Pacific waters?

If this sounds like a nice day- you'd like my life then. I do most days, too.

Notes to self:

  • Three hours is not enough time to run 3 errands in the OC on a sunny Friday afternoon- and Wal*Mart's garden center is apparently where everyone is headed to!
  • Salt Creek Beach has a lovely spot for weddings- the floors of the bathroom are, however, pretty gross... (barefootOCmama will not leave her flip flops behind next time she rushes off to take J-cakes to the potty)- but we should go to the beach more, it really is worth the work.
  • Northgate Market has marinated, ready-to-grill carne asada- and it is delicious.
  • My middle neice is 11 now. Time it does fly... take time to watch, even the flights of fancy.
  • Ask Sugar Daddy to play guitar more often.

1 comment:

  1. Tiffany Darling, I just ADORE the sand and the salt... as long as it doesn't ruin my pedicure! lol Congratulation on the nomination and thank you for stopping by... Cups Up! xoxo


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