Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wipers work for both!

Sometimes you're the windshield, sometimes you're the bug. Today I was splattered out all over the clear glass, still clinging for life as the winds whipped past. Life with small children is very nerve wracking for those of you who are beyond the blessed cycle of foggy brained forgetfulness that comes with bearing children.

"Human Jungle Gym" was my alter ego today while I tried to attend to the needs of my body and mind with some gentle style yoga ala the peaceful Laura Jane, who teaches far more than yoga to the mamas who want to practice radiantly living. Finally as C-dough whimpered and pulled at my shirt, I gave up and attended to the needs of my littles instead and took my yoga to go.

While trying to accept some sage and sassy advice having to do with a dark lord and the end of the world (not really, but if you insist I will tell you- it was... are you ready?

"don't compare your insides to their outsides..." anyway the wiggly worms decided my clothing (and Laura Jane's dining area) needed some post modern hummus splatter and a collection of carrots in the corner...

Upon arriving back at the castle of chaos, ahem calmness (I am learning to reframe my reality) my attention was undivided-ly given to Sugar Daddy who regaled me with tales of high adventures and dubious doctors. By the time C-dough awoke I was daydreaming about Calgon (or some cowboy) taking me away!!

So I whipped out my yoga mat, and I breathed in and I aligned and I posed and I breathed out and I planted and I balanced and paused at the top of the breath to feel the arch in my cat and at the bottom of it to let out my cow. Then I wondered if I had my breathing backwards- but I noticed that I (and my body) remembered more than last time I tried to do the practices at home. I was given a great image to work with- the windshield wipers wiping my mind.

So I will start tomorrow with a clean windshield, so at least if I am the bug I'll be able to see the happy family in the minivan clearly.

Day 10 of the no 'poo experiment- not liking the feeling of my hair, it isn't so much an itchiness or dirty feeling, just a general fuzziness. Thinking of trying an Apple Cider Vinegar rinse or perhaps doing more of the conditioner thing... (I have been using a little on the ends for smell and control) - BUT dreads are being seriously considered... and lots of cool hair wraps... and beads... and feathers! I'd look like a cool "Captain-ess Jack" - oops almost put the "ess" on the other word =)

Meditating Parent Project Update
For 4 out of 5 days I meditated specifically on listening to my inner voice for parenting, and voices around me have often brought out things I needed to consider. I had a productive discussion with Sugar Daddy on a specific difference of parental opinion- and I am eager to read, discuss and further enlighten myself as we both examine our conscious thought process. Wow that's wordy, huh?

What transformations are happening in your life, I would love to know that I am not alone in facing my imperfections and improving my fates!

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