Friday, February 10, 2012

When it all just comes together

Today was one of those days. Things just worked out, not that there weren't obstacles, surprises and awkward moments, but solutions presented themselves and they were more than adequate and often even pleasant.

Even though our morning was hectic- what with all the cutting, stamping, stapling, stickering and such- picture a 2 year old with stickers, a 4 year old with stamps & a stapler and a 10 year old who keeps setting down her scissors withing reach of the 2 year old- the ensuing afternoon was sweet. The evening was eventful. I was a supermom who saved the day several times- but it sort of just happened. Things seemed to fall into place and the universe provided what we needed when we were ready to receive it.

Our homeschool group celebrated together- somehow all the photos I took were lost, but tonight G-pie shared some of her confections with me as she showed me her basket full of fun, unique, nifty and thrifty treasures- her favorite was the hand drawn one, she marveled at how much time it would have taken to do those for the whole group.

One of the great parts of having a 10 year old is that we are better prepared, more flexible and even experienced at these sorts of occasions: the social traditions and rituals of children and their mothers. A charming time of chit-chat, a plentiful potluck and happy children, sharing something sweet-and I am not referring to the lollies and kisses.

It was a splendid day- a chance to begin feeling the change that spring is bringing.

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