Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Feeling a bit pregnant.

So I guess I am like 27 weeks or something now. I am beginning to get to that point where I cannot get comfortable when I sleep. Everything I eat has some sort of issue with my system and... I am bursting with creation!! New ideas are crowding in from out of nowhere. Collaborations, connections, co-conspirators...

For the past couple of days we have been trying out this new schedule, where Sugar Daddy takes the kids in a concerted effort to let me "work". I am supposed to be...

But my doctors office keeps calling, it seems I haven't been to see the baby Dr in like 5 weeks, and I am supposed to be seen every 4 weeks- don't I know? But this is baby #4, don't THEY know? I kind of already know what to expect- I take my own blood pressure and have learned to bring it down almost immediately with little 3 minute meditations. I don't want to know how much I weigh. I feel the little sugar cube's movement regularly- quite often whenever I have to pee really bad already and have just sneezed. If you have a few kids you know what I mean... if you don't, you don't want to.

And then there is this lovely new space where I have carved out a little spot to sit and be productive and I find myself day dreaming a bit. I know it is a little messy- but you should see the house- you do know I have 3 kids and I'm pregnant, right? This is a little slice of heaven, no indigestion attached!

Anyway back to my reverie...hearing a neighbors distant hammer taps, the buzz of our lawn mower in the front yard, the drone of a jet plane overheard- it all pulls me back to my childhood when all I wanted to do was play outside all day. And I then I feel sleepy all the sudden.

But then again that is probably because of the little middle of the night monsters that inhabit my bed- there is even one in my actual body- who roll about kicking whomever they please!

So I stand up to stretch a bit, because I am a bit sore- even though I wisely listened to the lovely yogini who reminded us to
choose peace over pride 
as we adjusted our hips to become aligned with the center of the universe- or in my case to provide a little more room for her!

Then I decide to pull up the prenatel yoga ebook I downloaded - Simple Everyday Prenatel Radiance,  (love the Kindle Cloud)... but I end up getting distracted and downloading a new ebook instead- and then I notice they both have someone sitting "criss-cross applesauce" on the cover...  I hear giggling as little bare feet scamper past my window- talking about mommy being at "work". And I see that it is 5:06. My work is done for the day- time to go outside and play! 

But first I have to pee... again.



  1. I did my own prenatal care up until 6 months. LOL I was reluctant to even hire a midwife (homebirth) but I did at that point. I didn't find them helpful and always said if I had a second one I wouldn't bother but then decided to stop at the one I have! LOL So no matter. I loved being pregnant though. It was the best and most confident I've ever felt in my life. I wish I could have bottled that feeling!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Do you have a good prenatal yoga DVD that you recommend? I have tried a few, but am not sure I have found the perfect fit.

    1. One of my yoga mentors says she really enjoyed "a kundalini DVD ... by Gurmukh" when she was pregnant. I think I found it on Gaiam - http://www.gaiam.com/product/prenatal+gurmukh+dvd.

      Maybe I'll get it and do a review, or let me know if you do!!


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