Friday, February 17, 2012

Family Meal Times

My sweet family loves to gather around the family table- but as I have mentioned before I often end up remaining in the kitchen, manning the short order cook's counter. Me & C-dough are going gluten-free, G-pie has always had a slight appetite, to match her slim figure and J-cakes and Sugar Daddy would just as soon eat candy and soda all day- so the witching hour becomes quite hectic to say the least- especially now that my little Sugar Cube is causing all this heartburn, and seems to desire nothing but Tex Mex and milk.

PhotobucketSo I am trying something new (I know- not like me at all!) which I think I have posted about before here at barefootOCmama- the OAMC tactic, (once a month cooking) something I tried to do all by my onesies and vowed to never consider again. But what happens if you add friends? (We are going to give it a gluten-free trial)

Will this be the thing that saves Family Meal Time in our household? I love when we actually sit down together and can share our highs, lows and little silly things that strengthen our family's special-ness.

Read all about it on my first ever blog hop linky party thingy- click on the badge at left or go to my foodie blog at

 Is it wrong to follow myself, or does that mean I will just go in circles?

OH! And speaking of "circles"...

Check out my new Google + Page, yes I said Page not Profile. Do any of you bloggers out there use Google + Pages yet? What do you think? If you are local to OC and you are interested in learning more about Social Media, I am hosting a Mixer at The Yoga Stone in Anaheim- check it out here.

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