Thursday, February 9, 2012

My beautiful boy

My son wants to be a princess. His favorite outfit right now is a pink frock with tulle & sequins and a velvety bodice, with embroidered flowers. He insists on being the "hostess" at the tea parties we have. His big blue eyes and golden curly locks make him beautiful in the eye of any beholder.

Am I worried- not one bit. First of all why would I be, the fact that he enjoys and embraces the world he lives in (he does have 2 big sisters and a baby sister on the way) is fantastic! He loves to play with baby dolls and cleaning supplies and wears a Strawberry Shortcake apron (that his little big sister gave him), with pride. (Ok so the high heel dress up shoes scare me a bit, because inevitably one comes off an becomes a boomerang- and that boy has an arm on him)!

He enjoys being included equally in the girls' playtime. He loves his cars, and building blocks, and train set- and more recently he has grown incredibly fond of his tool kit. But these are the things he chooses to do on his own, when the sisters aren't available to play. Although sometimes J-cakes will join in the fun of the train set.

This boy of mine is strongly opinionated- he knows what he wants and he isn't afraid to throw himself into harms way or burst into sudden tantrums to get it. But once his desires are satisfied, he delicately stirs the tea and pours the creamer, making just the right sound effect, quietly saying "please" and "thank you" as he passes the sugar and asks for the honey.

He is different, but then my girls are fairly different from each other, as well- but as in most things, I am learning to celebrate the ways we are all alike and truly embrace ALL our unique traits. I strive to create a home where we practice acceptance and provide safety to examine all the amazing parts of being human. A harbor in the vastness of an incredibly varied ocean, where my little explorers can splash about in love infested waters.

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That little tea set is one of my favorite things... and it IS Thursday, so linking up with Katherine's Corner for the
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  1. Tom and Jake frequently mention that they are "man of enough" to do X. It's something their Dad has said when he had to do things like wear his daughters Minnie Mouse backpack when she was little. Cracks me up. Enjoy your baby boy!

    1. I love that! "man enough" - after growing up in Texas, and frequently hearing the term "man up", it is refreshing to hear about "real men"!! Your boys are getting so big.

  2. I think he is a cutie pie. I love that you let him be himself and do the things that bring him joy. Our granddaughters constantly dress up our grandson, he doesn't mind a bit. When I bought robes for everyone he chose a pink one with little monkeys on it. You are an awesome Mom.Thank you for linking up to the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop linky party. Sending Happy Weekend Wishes! xo

    1. Thanks, Katherine! Yesterday someone told me that pink was originally a "boy" color anyway! So I googled it and found this interesting article-


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