Wednesday, February 29, 2012


G-pie channeled a typewriter (and I am not even sure she has ever seen one!) as she took her "spelling quiz" last night. One of the inventive and active ways she finds to learn.

She has recently started writing a lot- she enjoys expressing ideas (here's one reason I think she likes writing) and telling stories. Being the oldest sibling- or maybe it's just her personality from the get-go, I'll never know- she is a bit of a perfectionist. And recently she shared a desire to improve her spelling skills- it seems she was irritated when I was reading the stories she writes for her little sibs aloud and stumbled on misspelled words. So our solution was to use her actual writing to pull out words and give her pop quizzes.

Every week we end up with anywhere from 4-10 words on the fridge- we don't really have a specific time and place for the pop quiz, sometimes I ask only 1 word (especially if I notice she just isn't in the mood - and we all have days when we just don't care if things are spelled right, we just want someone to pay attention to our message- and I respect that!). Last night she was in the mood to show off so I started quizzing her and this is how she chose to respond... she spelled 5 of the 6 right. This was just after one of our famous family dance parties- movement and mental challenges naturally support each other don't they?

Baby brother is not so amused as he is included in the carriage return...

And don't you just love my little fashionista's new shirt design? It's a large piece of fabric, which she wears over a layering tank, tying at the waist and neck- it converts to several styles... I am so impressed with my sweet 10 year old. She amazes me daily with inventive thinking, big brainstorms and sometimes a little sassy silliness.

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