Monday, September 12, 2011

Powerful Fullness

Tonight- like most things is not at all what I expected or planned for. The moon is full and so were my hopes for an enlightening evening of mystical messages and metaphysical murmurings. Instead my daughter and I filled a bowl with water, sank a moonstone in it, lit a 3-wicked candle and blessed some of the herbs we had gathered. Simple, mundane tasks- although when shared with my newly interested offspring, it does make it just a little more special.

My dear friend, yoga teacher and future co-conspirator ( wrote about sharing this evening with her daughter and my spirit played with them in the circle they drew. I inspired my own mother to begin a blog, she found something incredibly poignant and beautiful to share about her evening walk under the Full Moon tonight ( I am thankful for both of their posts, their words so often fortify me in person, I am glad the rest of the world can share in discovering their special-ness.

Maybe for the new moon we will gather and peer into each other's mystical hearts...?  My own Harmony Angel reading tonight again called my attention to an unknown Leo who I seem to be ignoring... let loose your roar, oh lion of the stars- what are you trying to tell me!? Something big is about to happen... I am grateful for what is, the universe is exactly as it should be.

I leave you with my favorite participant in the Full Moon Blog-abration. Sometimes that star off in the corner of the sky catches your attention, with it's particularly sparkly sparkle...
Via Facebook comment:
I'm missing the moon bloggin' cause of my game... but you'll be pleased to know there is a full moon in Victorian London as well! about an hour ago ·  ·  1 person

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