Thursday, September 22, 2011

Here I am again, barefoot and ...

Maybe the moniker of "barefoot"OCmama was just too much of a temptation for universe, especially since I have been spending so much time in the kitchen (have you checked out my new foodie blog, 

How could this happen? 

Let me take a moment to explain. About 6 weeks ago, after we had gotten ALL the children to sleep at a fairly decent hour and had been involved in what a happily married couple should be involved in more often than we are... suddenly- well I'll let Grease take it from here.

Kenickie: It broke! 

Rizzo: How could it break? 

Kenickie: I bought it when I was in the seventh grade.

Well we weren't in the 7th grade, but let's just say I have been nursing or pregnant for over 4 years- so we haven't needed to even consider birth control- but we have held on the Costco size box of condoms we got sometime in 2005.

It broke. Really. Right after the dog ate my Dr's note excusing me from participating in this test of the emergency broadcast system.

So about 4 weeks after my 40th birthday I am due to have my 4th child. Seems like there should be a 4th "4" there... 


  1. Congrats! That story sounds similar to how we conceived our 3rd

  2. Congratulations?! LOL Maybe the baby will arrive on the 4th.

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