Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Aerial Arts Classes in Costa Mesa

My oldest sweetie, G-pie, has been in gymnastics on an off since she was 18 mos old. She has the build for it, and enjoys having goals to work towards while allowing her to energetically practice things she is already good at. Tonight she took her first Aerial Arts class with Ruby Karen. ( She liked aerial arts because it's "all bendable and I like climbing and hanging and spinning around, too."

We liked the little dance studio, Dance Asylum- it looks like they have some fun classes for all ages! Ruby Karen is a good teacher, a dynamic yet serious , encouraging yet challenging and it looked like quite the workout- the first half an hour was on the floor and looked almost Pilates like. I wasn't sure my 9 1/2 year old would appreciate how important that was to the work she did later on the hoop (which she says was actually pretty hard to balance)- but I was totally impressed!

She is eager to return- actually she wants to go twice a week! But we are thinking once a week is enough along with gymnastics and this weekend she is checking out a local theater program. More to come on that! But right now my little cloud loving*, paper folding, picture avoiding girl is eager to play Gin Rummy. Again.

*in case your kids (or you) are into clouds check out this cool link (


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