Sunday, August 28, 2011

Staging, Strewing & ideas for Vegan Stewing?

Homeschooling, heck parenting as a whole, is so much about setting the stage ["and cleaning up the spills that occur" the madwoman inserts as she leaps out from underneath her laptop in an attempt to save the family calendar from the tiny toddler with a cup of water obtained from mysterious sources!]- something my new bosom friend and kindred spirit, Kate, calls "strewing".

As I was clearing the clutter and sorting the soiled from the scattered clothing in the littles room last night I was suddenly aware of the fact that "staging" is what I do for my small learning humans, often unconsciously- pulling out a book on a recently experienced discovery, like ladybugs, piling all the stuffed dogs on C-doughs bed because he like to use them to bark at the Barbies when G-pie is playing with her little sister, and putting the puzzles with numbers on top of the dresser since J-cakes is totally into counting right now.

Really it just stems from paying attention to what your child is into and being less impressed by your own ideas of what you think they should learn from you and more interested in their ideas of what they think you should play with them. 

Yes, go back and read that last sentence again- it is a very important point. (I have to change a poopie diaper anyway so there is going to be a natural break in the flow of words pouring forth from my fingertips!)

So applying the same logic to my 9 year old- my job in her education is to create an environment and provide sustenance- till the soil and mix in some good compost for a fertile brain. Throw in some great companion plants, watch for weeds and pests - which if you choose the companion plants carefully, will be minimized, and water liberally. I mean that literally. My opinion is that water is an essential ingredient in a child's life. Drinking, playing in and with, visiting large bodies of, witnessing the changing forms of and very important- learning conservation. Lots of sunlight, a little pruning here and there- and then watch that little sprout thrive!

The most important things I can do for my children- provide a welcoming, accessible space to discover the things I "strew" about, pay attention to their interests and partner with them to find great resources so that they can pursue their passions, take them places that allow their imaginations to soar and give them lots of food that composts well!

Topping mamas list of skills to develop this fall- better, simpler, housekeeping tactics, everything there is to know about social media and continued growth as a yogini and fresh food fanatic! [again she leaps off the couch as the taller toddler gives herself away as the source of the mystery cup of water, bringing a freshly reFILLed cup to her thirsty brother!]

Doing the research to start filling my freezer with some delicious Vegan stews for the coming frenzied fall, suggestions welcome! Although I am following Gluten-free, Vegan recipes, I am still eating some chicken and fish, and beef jerky- and the occasional piece of Costco birthday cake, because really who can resist? It's called the barefootOCmama diet.

Here are some new favorite foodie blogs:

Happy Sunday!! May your surroundings be pleasant, your thoughts full of light, your companions refreshing and your nourishment enriching to your body and soul.

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