Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Getting all political on you!

 Those of you who (thank you!) regularly read my blog know that I don't often get into politics- life is stressful enough without trying to figure out which liberties (other than to a night of sleep) and what laws (other than those of gravity vs a toddler atop a play structure) are being violated and which are moving mankind forward.

This whole BART vs the tower of cell service issue has my panties in a bit of a wad. We as a society expect our government to act on any information they receive to keep us safe, but when they do something to inconvenience us in the process we suddenly call it a violation of our human rights. When did our digital extension of ourselves become entitled to an immediate gratification of any and all expressions?

The protesters who gathered in response to the decision to cut cell service- I mean really folks, that is all we are talking about, nobody in particular was silenced, a mouse could have nibbled the wires and caused the same effect- but those who gathered the next day obviously had ample time to go down and protest on the platforms- they kept families apart, made employees late, and interfered more in the general operations of this PUBLIC transportation system than the slight inconvenience caused by BART when they cut power to a cell tower. A cell tower that resides on their property and is leased by a private provider that charges the general public far too much to use...

And who is to say that a catastrophe was not averted? Two groups were planning a flash mob style protest, and when you get a bunch of youth together via instant message- well the rioting in London comes to mind. If I and my children were depending on public transportation and a group of passionate, masked, youth who had recently hacked and released personal information of 2000 innocent riders of the transit system were due to descend upon the platform we waited upon- I would say, shut my fucking iPhone off, man. (ok it's true I use an Android device, but iPhone just sounded better)...

Now once again, gentle readers, those of you who regularly read me know I am not one for profanity. But I, obviously the first to defend freedom of speech, my absolute favorite thing- am appalled at the sensationalistic tactics of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, who the hell are they, anyway? (I must clearly state that next week it is totally possible that I will be promoting and defending them at all cost, because- I really don't know who the hell they are...)

People want to get all up in arms because they THINK they are being suppressed, because our pop culture media tells us so. Well in this case, I don't think so. But that is just my humble, and probably half informed opinion- because to be honest I only had moments to read about the FACTS- between diaper changes and discussions of why we have to wear panties in public, and questions about marine life seen at the CSULB Hall of Science today, where I was free to educate my child as I see fit.

All in all, I am pretty freaking disappointed in the government that I am aware of- but sometimes I wonder what truly important things I am being distracted from. It is a well known tactic of those in power to fuel a small fire in order to call attention away from a truly important discovery or idea. That is history. Fed to us by the victors.

Anyone still need an invite to Google+, apparently I have 142 left.... happy Tuesday to everyone from a mama who overdrafted her bank account today,  hasn't washed her hair in 31 days, locked her keys in her car, saw that she gained 4 lbs, and is currently locked in her bedroom allowing her incredible, amazing, Sugar Daddy to put the little buggers to bed.

Yoga tomorrow morning? The universe is perfect.

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