Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Drishti. At mama yoga I often focus on this...

Drishti. At mama yoga I often focus on this one particular leaf out the window of Laura Jane's sacred space. It is there week after week, on a vine growing out from her neighbors hedge or, is it any ivy covered wall- funny how the surrounding details are elusive.

The leaf itself - it draws my attention weekly. It's barely perceptible movement in the breeze, it's color distinction, it's shape and shiny surface. When I gaze at this leaf it helps me balance, or endure, or align, or breath, or center my thoughts. It's not that everything around me goes away, I see the curtain wafting in the breeze to my left, and feel my toddler leaning against my leg and hear the baby banging train parts on the hardwood floors, I sense the other mams and their energy surrounds me in support. My eyes invariably soften, my jaw relaxes, I feel my neck lengthen and my body stops fighting gravity (no I don't fall down!)- my muscles stop quivering in exertion and I become still, fully present in that moment.

My current path of personal & professional growth (beyond being barefootOCmama- oh yes, there is more to life than blogging) is challenging, I have to reach out of my comfort zone, practice perseverance, steadily move forward and confidently act out the vision I have for my life. I have big ideas. Huge.

What has happened so often in my past is that I diverge when I connect with someone and see their vision, too. More big ideas- and I think I need to change what I want to be when I grow up.

Now I have a focus, a drishti, my leaf in life- Bellah Bellah Ballyhoo. Ballyhoo allows me to balance, endure, align, breath and center - marriage, kids, housework, homeschool, friendships, family, volunteering, networking, planning, living- fully present in each moment.

And now it is ok to allow myself to "get distracted" by others' visions for their life, it is more than ok, it is my job to be able get caught up in the excitement of doing what they do!

bal·ly·hoo  noun [bal-ee-hoo]
1. a clamorous and vigorous attempt to win customers or advance any cause 2. blatant advertising or publicity.
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