Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Oh that insipid Facebook!!

Like a true co-dependent, I am finding that I cannot truly be Facebook free! I went to a new site (JumpStart) for G-pie to play some math games on, and there was this long Registration Page, that would no doubt be auto-filled for me as I tabbed through the fields, but then- there at the bottom I saw a familiar blue button that said "Connect with Facebook". I did it.

Not actually breaking my own rule of logging in, just using Facebook to log in to another site. And that is how the justifications begin. It is so much better to surf the internet with Facebook.

Facebook is to the internet, as sex wax is to the long board.

But as a mother of three I just don't have the time for sex wax these days. I just want to paddle on out and hang ten! So I have been slipping & sliding around the internet since I have been (mostly) Facebook -free. One of my favorite new-ish developments is the multimedia content. I completed another lesson in my ASL class (www.signingonline.com) today. It amazes me that I can even take these classes on my Droid smart phone. So instead of checking Facebook from a park while waiting for G-pie at Ronni Rowland's writing class, I learned more ASL.

Another amazing and awesome thing about the internet is of course another fairly recent development: cloud computing. I personally love Google for pretty much everything (except pictures, Flickr is tried and true)- Docs, Mail, Calendar, maps. Everything I need can chill online, so I can get to it from anywhere. Totally tubular.

Google also has a very user friendly new toy- Google Sites, so I built a website. Wanna see it? www.learningbarefoot.com It was fun and easy, and soon everyone will be doing it. Toes on the noes, man, toes on the nose...

Almost 5 days Facebook free. All is well.


  1. You're best post yet! And not just because you worked in the word sex, it's because you worked it in twice ;^) and you're learning a new language instead of Facebook. I liked how you stuck with the motif (and if I may continue it) maybe no Facebook will give you that time you wanted for rubbing a long board down with sex wax ;^)

  2. we are currently up and running on da skype thingee ( i know...we are laggerz)... lol i saw shawn werked da sex werd in twice also!...lol


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