Wednesday, October 13, 2010

So this is what "doing what you love" means...

Today as I was avoiding Facebook, I spent time training for my new position as an Instructor with the Signing Time Academy. The added benefit for me was that J-cakes is in toddler heaven. 17 repetitions of the Diaper Dance don't bother her a bit.

She spent the evening singing "Hi, hi it's nice to meet you" and all morning belting out "These are the kids I love" (she hasn't caught that it actually says "these are the pets I love"!) and she is super excited that we are all signing again.

As a middle child I worry that she gets sandwiched in, way too often. And making the decision to  work outside the home, even just part time, had me worried that would make her slice even thinner, but I am pleasantly surprised to rediscover my little blond beauty- an almost 3 year old with lots to share.

With the constant commentary and curious criticisms streaming from my 8 year old all day, I thought J-cakes was going to have to fight to get a word in. Not only does, she but her words are bright, funny, smart and charming. She has her sister to thank for her sparkling communication skills.

G-pie helped to teach her baby sign language, while she herself was learning to read using the reference book to look up signs. J-cakes is a living testimony to the studies that have shown an increased vocabulary in children who have signed as infants. 

Let's see... today is the 13th, so that means I have been Facebook free for 13 days. It doesn't feel so strange anymore. I don't feel disconnected. Honestly I feel more connected to my family and the path I am on.

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