Friday, October 1, 2010

Facebook on Hiatus

Hello my name is barefootOCmama and I am a Facebook-aholic.

This morning I have decided that I need a break from the constant updates, witty comments and endless sharing going on over there. Not so long ago- before my life revolved around logging in and keeping up with "friends", from lurkers to likers, frenemies and family- I used to enjoy just blogging. Finding a way with words to expose my feeling, express my thoughts and (sometimes) enlighten my readers.

But who were those readers, I wondered. Who are you? Facebook tells me- my own little form or market research, I can look up the demographics of my target audience over there. I can find out so much about you- check out your photos, what links do you share, are in you in relationship, how many friends do you have?

And don't even get me started on the mafia wars and farming chores..

Today I begin anew. I will not log in to Facebook again until after Halloween. I am taking the App off my Droid and I am stopping the SMS messages. What will I find to do, how much more time will I have? Will I stop comparing myself to others as much? How will I know what the people I care about are up to? I am most curious to find the answers to these and many others questions.

My last "like" went to a mom who has always put her children and family first- or so it seems from her status updates!! Facebook Free for 1 minute and counting... check back if you want to find out how it feels!!

BTW if you keep a blog, please let me know!


  1. OK so this is the third time I have felt like it is really hard not to log in and see what people think of this silly idea of mine- but I am not going to succumb!

  2. I like your commentary and I support your decision.....and I didn't want you to be the only one to comment ;^)


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