Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wasabi Nori Facebook Connection

OK so why is it, that at 9:32 on Wednesday night as I am faced with surmountable tasks (updating my new website to reflect the fact that I am now a certified Instructor with Signing Time Academy, returning e-mails and posting checks for homeschool events and activities, uploading those pictures from Disneyland, learning how to make t-shirts cooler with plastic bags...) I am suddenly struck with the desire to update my status to inform Facebook at large that I am eating and immensely enjoying Wasabi Nori that I got at Mother's Market.

You may be asking yourself, now why didn't barefootOCmama feel the need to tell us when she ate the string cheese and pretzels for dinner? What is so cool about Wasabi Nori that it warrants it's own status update? Obviously I "Like" the fact that I am eating Wasabi Nori, and think that my Friends will "Like" it too, and may even Comment on it...

Today my father asked my why I was off Facebook... for just a beat, I wasn't sure I knew the answer. Why not? Because Facebook is HUGE and we all just nonchalantly go about our lives commenting and liking... (a whole 'nother query of mine: has Facebook made us more positive as we try to shine and polish the bits of our life into entertainment for others?). But the truth is..

It is a bit of a gimmick. I want attention. I am stepping out into a new venture, it is something I am excited about. I want to tell the world. I wanted to do something different- everybody Facebooks about their new business, I wanted to anti-Facebook mine.

Do you know and love a baby or toddler who you want to communicate with? I can help.

Now it is not that I am anti-Faceboook. My new web interface seems a bit one sided, I have much less feedback in the blog-o-sphere, than I did with in the safe confines of my "Friends" over at Facebook. Today I even considered that only blogging is a bit narcissistic. I am curious what everyone is up to...

Just like I used to be in college, when I should have been in my dorm room or the library studying and I was off in the commons checking out what everyone else was up to. Makes me really want to go see that movie!

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