Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Science Kits

My 10 year old is very into figuring things out (and telling us all about how it works, or how it is made). With the last of our charter school funds for the year I ordered her a couple of kits. She seems to enjoy either a small-group, multi-age, hands-on learning activity (which is ultimately WHY we started www.learningbarefoot.com) or doing it totally on her own. Although this option includes showing her little sister how she is doing it and guiding her through other experiments, crafts or projects, more and more often these days. (Check out their web-show tomorrow morning at 10am)

Today the interest is in "Snap Circuits, Jr" and the "Magnetism Kit"- we ordered both from http://www.homeschoolscience.com/, a company I have been totally happy with for several years now. The kits are perfect for small group or individual family use and you can just keep the main components and order replacement parts for future barefoot learners- or Sugar Daddys who love science, too...

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