Tuesday, May 22, 2012

KISS crafts

Keep It Simple Sweetie
J-cakes found a book in the pile I was sorting to sell or give away. She wanted to keep it. My first thought was, no way! we have so many craft books that we never use- and I suddenly stopped short hearing my own internal dialogue...

So I said sure. To make sure my end goal was accomplished (the ongoing quest to simplify our cluttered lives) I asked her to choose a book or toy from her room to trade for it. Win-win.

She sat flipping through it while her big sister read the dust cover of a Jean Auel book that looked interesting, (now that she has finished Hunger Games, she is in the market- suggestions?) and little brother tried to master the buckle on his old car seat. With M-cube asleep, I thought I might actually get those boxes of homeschooling resources sorted and priced.

Alas, J-cakes found a craft she wanted to do, and I decided we could quickly do a simpler, more sustainable version of it. The original project involved wallpaper scraps & poster board. Ours uses a felt board and shapes I cut quickly- as J-cakes looked at the book and told me what to cut- she wanted exactly the same items.

Even my big girl got involved: G-pie was the first to arrange it (precisely like the picture in the book).

I cut an extra banana, blueberries & a "cutie" for C-dough to play with (he pretended to peel & eat them over & over).

A sweet time shared by simply keeping it short and capturing the moment. G-pie has started on another project from the book...

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