Saturday, April 14, 2012

Next year we will plant gardens

This year for Easter my children celebrated in the modern, traditional, commercial way.

I am not thrilled with how we "pulled it off"- baskets of candy, colored eggs that will scarcely be eaten (we actually did pretty good- lots of deviled eggs!). We brought plastic eggs filled with candy to the larger family occasion- and they got to have a fun egg hunt with their cousins.

Next year I will present all 4 of my children (although the one in my belly will only be a baby) with their own planter box/ fairy garden. I will select plants and make a little scene that is unique to their interests and personalities. There will be painted rocks, glittery things, flowers or succulents and zen gardens with stones for stacking. There will be baskets of fruit, homemade fruit leather, a special little bowl of candy... maybe a small handmade chocolate bunny.

We will keep their gardens current with our traditions and celebrations, and maybe I will leave regular notes of encouragement, special little handmade or found gifts in a special spot of each. We can decorate them for the seasons, replant and tend as necessary. Why wait until next year?

Starting pinning ideas...

Today we made our first official family fairy gardens- this is going to be such a fun thing to do together. As is all else in our life, this project will be a growing work- layers of progress & pauses, with a little procrastination peppered in.

After the kids went off to play, a grateful fairy left them little gifts in their gardens- a tiny pot for planting in G-pie's, a leprechaun figure for J-cakes' rainbow, and a tiny egg for C-dough's.

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