Sunday, January 1, 2012

Simple Everyday Prenatal Radiance

How do I stay so radiant? How to I maintain my sanity and keep chaos at bay? I have said it before and I must reiterate. Yoga. If it weren't for yoga, my children would need far more therapy in their future. =)

The practice of yoga goes beyond breathing and balance, stretching and strengthening - during pregnancy it provides a valuable time to connect with your hard working body, honoring it's miraculous transformation, holding space for the sweet little spirit within, connecting to your maternal instincts, building stamina- and so much more.

A new way of seeing yoga has been appearing to me, the psychological impact of focusing mentally on physical aspects is becoming symbolic of the work I am doing emotionally. (Not sure why I call it work, really it is just exercising my emotional "muscles"... playing with my ego, in a way.)  When I explore the parts of my thinking that block, limit, or become uncomfortable- yoga gives me a way "do something", even if it is only a physical representation of an emotional growth. The spirit follows when the flesh is strong.

Sort of like having a baby. Waves of unexpected, unimaginable pain, coming out of nowhere, lasting for who knows how long. Life is like labor, and yoga, childbirth- breathing, focusing, and performing phenomenal physical feats. Once it is time to push, once I can "do something", I am a warrior- a proud warrior. And yoga prepares me for the big performance.

For those who have practiced yoga- Simple Everyday Prenatel Radiance is an excellect resource. If you are comfortable following a flowing routine and need a simple solution that you can access on the go and do almost anywhere, this ebook is essential! I downloaded it to my Incredible Android using the free Kindle app and the inviting instructions, paired with stunning images is inspiring, invigorating and stabilizing.

My hips love me (after doing it 3 1/2 times this past week) and the sweeties all agree that my mood is much improved on those days when I follow the beautiful blonde on my phone! Simple Everyday Prenatel Radiance by the always amazing, zen mama, Laura Jane makes a great way to say congratulations to the newly expecting and is equally suitable and even more useful for the about to burst!

Even if you don't get through all the poses as your offspring join you (invariably they do- because they want to do all the fun things their mama does- and besides I think I must look like some sort of slow moving jungle gym to them!) - anyway- DO the affirmations, even if you feel silly- words are powerful. Namaste.

Perfect for every pregnant woman you know- and it is on sale over at Amazon, where you can send it to anyone who has a digital portal of pretty much any sort.

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