Thursday, January 5, 2012

A few of my favorite things...

Today the holidays are coming to a close at my house... we are un-decorating and as I place things in boxes to be stored until next year festive fun, I am reminded of how much the ornaments on our tree mean to me- they represent 15 years of sharing the season with Sugar Daddy.

Each of our children has added to the collection with their baby's first ornaments, salt dough creations and delicate handmade trinkets. One of my sisters-in-law has gotten them keepsakes to hang on our branches over the last decade and they will have a trove of treasures to start their own traditions. Certainly among my favorite things...

We are blessed to live in beautiful, sunny Southern California, and while I restore the simplicity of our household decor my littles are playing in the hose outside in their choice of bathing or birthday suit. Before they discovered this delight, they were driving me to distraction!! So many favorite things about this, I can't even list them all...

Lastly my new favorite actual thing (many thanks to my other sister-in-law) is my new teapot- pictured here with a few of my other favorite things.

I am blessed by an amazing family. In addition to the comfortable family unit I grew up with- my mom & dad and big brother- which has crafted my character, continually providing a place to explore the depths of human connection. My immediate family is a favorite, as well as my extended family: my thoughtful and huge-hearted mother-in-law, my husband's brother who is always making sure our families stay connected, my fatherly uncles-in-law, the aforementioned sisters I have added to my heart and the countless cousins who I am blessed to share seasonal celebrations with.

Family is one of my favorite "favorite things".
And don't even get me started on the fantastic friends who feel like family!

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  1. Awww how sweet! The bare bottom pic it too cute!

  2. You are about to explode with favorites! :))
    Oh, and I need a teapot too!

  3. This lovely post is one of my favorite things!Thank you for joining us at the Thursday Favorites Hop and for sharing it with your readers. Wishing you a happy weekend! xo P.S. Have you entered the Pink Poodle giveaway yet?


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