Saturday, December 31, 2011

Sleepless in the OC

It's the last day of 2011. 4:20 in the morning and I am once again sleepless. Why do all my pregnancies include insomnia? Lack of sleep makes mama do silly things, unthinking things, short tempered things.

How is a peaceful pregnant parent supposed to prepare when she is so sleepy? Well, I do have some tips... having done this a few times before!

#1 Do yoga daily- really it helps a lot. Need an inexpensive, easy to use resource? Simple Everyday Prenatal Radiance There now you have no excuse!

#2 Go to bed early, it's ok you won't miss anything really important. Sugar Daddy has made a few jokes about how out 10 year old stays up later than me- but really, they have enjoyed some special bonding.

#3 Watch what you eat. I'm one of those, "Hey I am pregnant- give me my banana split" type ladies- but with age (and apparently mine is an "advanced maternal age" this go around) comes wisdom.

#4 Give in and get up. Make yourself useful, it is quiet in these early pre-dawn hours, and I can get lots of writing, reading, or just gazing at the Christmas tree lights done without the usual gaggle of giggling wiggle-bots.

#5 Write a blog post- and try not to use it to sort through all the things you wish you hadn't said or done out of sheer exhaustion that week.

#6 Be kind to yourself- knowing your limitations and boundaries is what makes you a super mom, not being able to "do it all".

#7 Stay hydrated during the day, I wake up thirsty so often- and then if I quench that thirst I wake up to pee repeatedly, so I try to get my water in all day.

#8 "...think about that tomorrow." Embrace your southern belle and be like Scarlett, don't let your mental machinations make you mopey.

#9 Start your own "night night routine"- this is sorta silly but I believe the little child in all of us still wants a story, a little song and to be tucked in by someone who loves us.

#10 Remember that in no time at all these middle of the night moments will include a sweet little soul- make space in your heart for him or her with affirmations. (See #1, Simple Everyday Prenatal Radiance includes a great list, and right now it's on sale for about a buck- download to your PC, Kindle, Nook and do that yoga- your body will thank you!)

Well half an hour later- still before dawn, do I roll off the couch and do my asanas, go to the kitchen and grab a cookie, or try to crawl back in my bed without waking any of it's occupants? Guess I should practice what I preach... I can always have the cookie with my morning coffee. Yes I still drink a cup of coffee in the morning, I do have 3 other kids who need me whether I got any sleep or not.

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