Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Family Table

Eating around a table together, facing each other- emulating etiquette and talking about the day really is important. For my family it makes such a difference in the way that the rest of the evening unfolds.

Tonight J-cakes, my almost 4 year old, said "Milo, mommy" and I thought she meant she wanted to watch the classic movie that she and her sister love about the friendship of a cat and dog on a journey. A moment later I realized she was asking for "Hi Lo"- a tradition we started after seeing The Story of Us with Bruce Willis & Michelle Pfeiffer.

We all go around the table and share a high and a low from the day. J-cakes high today was when she cleaned her sister's room (on her own, just 'cause she wanted to). Her low was when her brother bit her. =(  [suggestions now being taken for stopping that bit of nastiness that he has been sinking his teeth into lately]

G-pie shared that the entire day was a high and her only low was when she heard Sugar Daddy and I arguing, and we apologized, it wasn't even a real argument- just tensions running high (plans to be made while toddlers are competitively vying for the sound waves). I told her that we probably need to listen to each other more, so we won't have to raise our voices- hmmm, I am one wise mama, aren't I?

My high? Watching as C-dough my almost 2 year old discovered his shadow and tried to play with it for a good 3 or 4 minutes- on the wall, on the floor, trying to tickle it and looking all around when it would suddenly disappear. Such pure wonder, delight and amazement. These are the days...

(Weird video but great song!)

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